Ztrader Review – Confirmed Scam at z-trader.com


Welcome to the Ztrader review. This bot won’t give you the results as promised on the sales page.

Ztrader is allegedly generating 4% daily returns, and has a win rate of 86%. It trades Cryptocurrencies based on automated strategies.

The developer says ZTrader utilized 22 indicators to maximize probability of winning trades.

For traders to use this bot, they are required to pay nothing for the first 7 days. However, after one week, they should pay 0.75% on every transaction.

There is also the option to pay 0.25 BTC annually.

The question is this: can we trust Ztrader or is this yet another scam?

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Ztrader Review

They claim on the homepage of z-trader.com that zTrader is the best Cryptocurrencies trading bot around.

ZTrader review Crypto Trading Bot

This is a very strong statement which needs some sort of proof in order to verify that indeed there is some truth in the statement.

In the case of ZTrader Cryptocurrency bot, there is none. That statement is not backed by any proof other than saying that the bot uses 22 trading indicators to enhance its chances of winning a trade.

Also, if you look at the sales page very carefully, you will discover that the promises which they are making are also quite outrageous.

4% a day would mean 120% a month. I can assure you that neither ZTrader nor any other robot in the public domain can generate these returns.

There is no reality in this statement since there is no Cryptocurrency trading bot that can double your investments quickly for a small fee.

Otherwise, Ztrader bot would be a hot topic in the headlines today, plus everyone would be rich in the world because of such a robot.

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Ztrader Review – more red flags

The scammers want people to deposit money on their site. But you see, this is not how a bot is supposed to work.

A bot should connect with an exchange through a special API so it can trade your account from there.

You do not deposit money with the robot developer. This money should be deposited into your exchange or broker account.

Furthermore, the scammers are anonymous, and they are requesting users to send them money in form of Bitcoin.

That is a very risky thing. You do not send Bitcoins to strangers without first evaluating the situation to see whether your funds will be at risk or not.

Ztrader review – no explanation about the algorithm

The website claims that the algorithm of this bot is their secret and they will never reveal it.

Most scams won’t give an explanation of how their robot works simply because there is no genuine algorithm behind the robot.

This is never to do with the issue of protecting the intellectual property. So this is quite a big red flag.

You should never buy a robot when there is no explanation of how the algo works. See previous reviews for Algorobotics, BTC Profit Now, Crypto Signals X where we encounter similar issues.

Ztrader Review – the conclusion

There are so many things at stake here. With all these red flags, traders must never trust this kind of a Cryptocurrency trading bot.

If you want a decent trading bot, my recommendation is that you should simply pick the ones I have in this list.