Zero to Hero Forex Signals Review: Is Scam?

Zero to Hero Forex Signals Review: Is Scam?

I am reviewing a Forex signals\website where you can become a member for $97 a month. Zero to Hero Forex Signals ( delivers the signals through email and SMS.

They promise us that they will analyze and re-analyze the technical and fundamental aspects of the market before sending us signals.

It is not clear whether Zero to Hero Forex Signals is managed by a solo individual or a team. According to their about us statement, the person behind this Forex signals service has 10 years of trading experience.

They’ve been introduced as ”Bert” and we do not know where they are based at in the world.

There is no way to contact these guys despite the fact that there is a contact us button. Instead of being redirected to a contact form, this button works as a means to subscribe to the system, which I find really awkward.

Is Zero to Hero Forex Signals a scam or should we give them a chance?

I will be answering this question shortly in this Zero to Hero Forex Signals review.

Note: I started this Forex signals service so that you can take advantage of my successful trading strategy ”Campforex strategy”.

Zero to Hero Forex Signals review is anonymously operated (owner introduced by one name ”BERT”) but they are promising us very accurate and professional trading signals for Forex.

In addition to that, they want us to believe that they have 10 years of experience when there is no evidence that the anonymous entity behind this Forex trading operation actually has a decade of experience.

Therefore, I do not know what kind of market experience Bert has, and I am not sure if they can help traders generate returns on a consistent basis as promised on the sales page.

I also wanted to know a bit of their trading strategy to make an informed decision when joining this system.

But this also is not possible because does not get specific with their trading strategy.

They only tell us that they are analyzing and re-analyzing technical and fundamental aspects of the Forex market.

I find this explanation vague, and so the best way to get a clue is to try looking into their trading performance.

This kind of mediocre presentation is common with many Forex signals providers whom I have covered here before. These include FXervin, Pips Make, Pip Count Group just to name a few.

Zero to Hero Forex Signals review – breakdown of service

There are 4 to 10 signals per day. They are aiming for 300 pips a month.

From this information, I see that 0 to Hero Forex Signals is potentially scalping the Forex market place.

I do not know how scalping works for signal vendors who use it. I typically don’t prefer scalping since it is time consuming, and the chances of one of my members missing out on a signal is really high. 

There is a 7 week trial as well. I tried this feature and was redirected to a special form where I was supposed to fill out my details. This form also adds me to their subscriber list.

It is not clear for how much these guys are charging to test their service for 7 days.

I would appreciate it if they were being upfront with traders. My advice is that if you have to utilize this service, start with the trial because it allows you to risk a smaller amount upfront to test the quality of Zero to Hero Forex Signals.

Note: Sometimes trading signals can be time-consuming and you need a good expert advisor coded with the right trading techniques. I’d recommend these ones if asked about the kind of Forex robots worth using.

0 to Hero Forex Signals Review – Trading performance

0 to Hero Forex Signals service provides us with two types of trading results.

Zero To Hero FX Signals performance

The first one is a picture of a graph showing that their profit curve has been rising.

The graph is poorly done because the X axis has nothing and the Y axis only has numbers which we cannot interpret because it is insufficiently marked.

This kind of trading results should not be presented to the masses because it is clearly flawed, and we need more in order to trust Zero to Hero Forex Signals.

Zero To Hero FX Signals myfxbook

At this juncture, I am interested in the second trading results which is presented in a myfxbook account. This is much better.

As you can see from this Zero to Hero Forex Signals myfxbook account, the service has done a good job since May 09 2018 when they first created this account to track their trading activities.

There are 23% gains already, which is acceptable if we are not taking a big risk. I see that this myfxbook account is a demo.

But again, this does not present a problem to me because whether demo or live, the principles of trading remain the same and if you cannot profit on a demo, you cannot make money on a live account.

However, there is one significant problem with this Zero to Hero Forex Signals myfxbook account. It was last traded in June 25th 2018.

I am doing this 0 to Hero Forex Signals review a couple of months after they created this account, and there is no official explanation from 0 to Hero Forex Signals about why they stopped trading in this account one month after creation date.

So that leaves me with one assumption, which is the most likely scenario for 0 to Hero Forex Signals. They simply abandoned this account or stopped trading altogether.

They might be having another account which we do not know of because we have not been given access to that account, and neither was it mentioned in the sales page of Zero to Hero Forex Signals.

Therefore, this is an obvious issue with Zero to Hero Forex Signals, and I cannot bring myself to ignore this tale tell sign.

If they claim to trade on a daily basis, they should have an up to date myfxbook account because the mechanism automatically tracks trader activities. It is not something hard to do.

Customer reviews 0 to Hero Forex Signals

There are a few testimonials about this service on their website. However, these are not reflected anywhere else on the internet.

Actually, very little is known about Zero to Hero Forex Signals as no client endorsement has emerged on trading forums or blogs.

In short, I cannot trust the kind of testimonials which we find on the sales page of this website. They must have been written by the owner of the website.


I feel that Zero to Hero Forex Signals is deceiving traders. In this competitive niche, one must prove that they are professional traders who can actually help struggling traders make money.

There is a cloud of doubt around this service and a mystery surrounding the owner and their alleged trading prowess.

So I don’t recommend 0 to Hero Forex Signals. And if you have had any experience with these guys, please let us know in the comment section of this review.

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