Xgocoin Review: Ponzi Scam Selling Xgo Coin Tokens


XgoCoin.com offers a program called Xgo Coin Multiplier System Intelligent. But this isn’t a money multiplier. It is not a system, but rather a ponzi scam and a very bad one.

Returns are super high, and abnormal. The use of stock photos and generic statements to describe the service is quite absurd. You surely will lose money if you proceed with this ponzi scheme.

Xgocoin Review

Welcome to the XgoCoin review. This site claims that if you use your hard earned Bitcoin to purchase Xgocoin token, you will earn a return of 155% in 50,40 and even 30 days.

The explanation is that when you invest in this token, they will trade your money for profit.

But there is currently zero evidence that this site is trading any coins. The only proof of income has to be in the ponzi scheme business model which XgoCoin is running.

Minimum deposit isĀ 0.0025btc. There is no maximum deposit amount to invest.

The company assures us that they are a professional equity investment and portfolio management firm targeting clients from all over the world.

They also proclaim that their service guarantees high level of security, privacy and dedicated customer service.

XGocoin System scam

XgoCoin ponzi scheme does not reveal their actual location either or the real people behind the operation.

But there are two contact email addresses on the site. This XgoCoin review will therefore prove to you that this project is intended to scam internet users.

Keep reading this review to learn how they intend to do it.

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XgoCoin Review – how it works

The idea is that you should sign up, deposit the stated amount of Bitcoin and leave the rest to the operators of this website.XGocoin review

Returns are quite lucrative as the site promises 155% in 30 days through plans labeled Ruby, Emerald and Diamond.

The site insists that you should pay only in BTC and not in fiat currency. So this puts you at great risk of losing your precious coins because when they steal them, it is impossible to recover the funds.

It is not quite clear what the so-called professional team with many years of experience are doing.

The site only claims that they are trading. But no proof that Xgocoin is actually engaging in any trading activities.

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XgoCoin Review – the scam job

This works more or less like Dgold scam, a very professional ponzi scheme that is responsible for the loss of funds of many naive internet users.

I have reviewed most of them here. Similar ponzi scams may also include Dagcoin, Ethereum cash pro and many others.

You invest, they extort you and ultimately go under. That’s what Xgocoin intends to do.

When you invest, they might initially pay peanuts. But as time goes by, they will not sustain the abnormal ROIs.

Meanwhile, only founders will be smiling to the bank because somehow, the money they claim to trade on your behalf usually goes straight into their pockets.

XgoCoin Review – Conclusion

You need to think critically. Don’t fall for these cheap dirty ponzi schemes because they have never made any returns for anyone.

Since the owner is anonymous and they are asking for payment in BTC, rest assured that they will steal your funds.

I am watching and waiting to see how this ends. For those of you who have read this Xgo Coin review, take heed of this warning.

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