Wyckoff Analytics Review: Wyckoff Trading Course Scam!


Welcome to the Wyckoff Analytics review. There is an upcoming Wyckoff Trading Course webinar in 2019 and so this review is quite timely as I’ll let you know whether or not it’s worth forking out $998 for a few weeks’ webinar on trading using the Wyckoff method.

What exactly is Wyckoff Analytics?

Wyckoff Analytics is a stock trading school which is dedicated to teaching students from across the globe how to trade stocks.

WyckoffAnalytics uses a series of exorbitantly priced online courses which are delivered in form of webinars in order to educate traders and equip them with the skill which they can use not only to trade the stock market, but also to trade Forex, Crypto Currencies and other markets in any time frame.

The brand name of the trading school is Wyckoff Associates, LLC, and the lead instructor goes by the name ROMAN BOGOMAZOV.

Note: I don’t know about you, but I think the cost of subscribing for these webinars is the major barrier for most traders who would like to learn under the guidance of Roman BogoMazov. You don’t have to invest $1,000 to learn trading in a few weeks when you can get the same content for much less without breaking the bank.

Wyckoff Analytics review

A detailed analysis of this website reveals that it is run by a Golden Gate University professor of the Wyckoff Method.

His professional profile looks stellar as he has served as the President of the Technical Securities Analysts Association and is currently a board member of International Federation of Technical Analysis.

All the information which is found on Roman BogoMazov’s profile can be verified. So this works in his favor.

Wyckoff analytics review

However, there are concerns as to whether what Wyckoff Analytics is teaching is universally practical.

I have seen many Wyckoff Analytics reviews from potential students who are just curious about the trading school and I have also come across reviews from a few students who claimed that Mr. Roman does not teach his techniques, i.e. he does not talk about selecting stocks, the timing and such like stuff.

Although Wyckoff Analytics seems to be doing a great job at analyzing the charts with respect to the Wyckoff Method, the course has been criticized for not being universally applicable.

In my opinion, Roman BogoMazov is only analyzing a trading edge  and not specific trades which he has taken and succeeded with.

People can become great trading educators. But that does not necessarily mean that they are great traders.

There is evidence that Roman BogoMazov is a great trading educator. But there is no evidence that he is a great trader.

When I analyze reviews of the Wyckoff Analytics, this is something that is quite apparent.

So if you’re going to learn from a University professor who does the theory bit of it and no live trading, good. You can go ahead and secure your slot for the price of $998 or $400 a month.

But if you are really looking to learn from someone who teaches what they trade, then this course is for you, and it’s much cheaper.

Wyckoff Analytics review – what does it entail?

Wyckoff Trading Course (WTC) will run between April 30 to July 16. The course is broken down into 4 parts. These include:

1 Wyckoff Structural price analysis

This is a lesson on the interplay of price, volume and time as well as learning about market structure to anticipate what price will do next. This is pure price action, the same content which is found on the course which i gave you links to before.

2 Supply and demand

Supply and demand is a simple concept in trading. But most traders get intimidated when they hear phrases like the Wyckoff Method because they imagine this is a different kind of supply and demand when it is just the usual support and resistance zones on a chart.

You can get this training for free on the internet and we keep it stupid simple to understand.

3 Relative and comparative strength

This is a Wyckoff concept where traders learn to pick the top stocks to trade just when trends are about to turn.

People can use indicators to do so, but we use price action to determine whether a market will change direction or not. Again, traders are just being intimidated by the jargon ”Relative and comparative strength”.

4 Developing a Wyckoff trading plan

Well, what is a trading plan? It is a plan that consists of your ideal trade setups and conditions.

If you open the charts and find that the trade setup is so obvious that you couldn’t doubt that signal, you’d execute that trade without a second thought.

But many a times you won’t find so obvious trading signals. Your trading plan is basically a highlight of the obvious trade setups that you must look for before trading any financial market.

And it takes discipline to stick to your trading plan. No amount of money paid to obtain trading education will help you stick to your plan.

Must you pay $998 to learn this? The answer is no.


Despite Wyckoff Analytics being taught by a University professor, I have not come across reviews from people who have actually started making money from the course.

What you can find in the forums out there is just a series of questions from people who are eager to know whether the Wyckoff Analytics website can help them.

I’m sure Mr. Roman BogoMazov of Wyckoff Analytics is having a field day taking advantage of his professor status to sell a course for the price of $1000.

I do appreciate the effort that goes into creating this content for students. But I have a serious concern.

Does Mr. Mr. Roman BogoMazov maintain proof of trading success? Do we have reviews from people who spend $998 on the Wyckoff Analytics course and webinars who are earning a living from the skill they learned?

I’ll leave this to you. Be the judge. Drop your comments below if you have taken this course and are making money.