What if Equities Review: Scam Indicator Marketplace


Having analyzed What if Equities (whatifequities.com) and their trading indicators, I can confidently conclude that this is a cash cow meant to swindle naive traders of their hard earned money in the name of issuing them with proprietary trading indicators and systems.

What if Equities is based in Utah just like this Forex trading company. What If Equities tells its students that they have a trading indicator that generates $625 in 20 minutes.

The company charges a variety of fees for students who want to subscribe for their trading course. In addition to this, students folk out separate fees for Green charts in addition to paying for the so called proprietary trading indicators.

Because What if Equities is run by charlatans and internet salesmen, the best thing you can do is to save your money and maybe invest in affordable trading solutions that will help you make consistent returns without forcing you to sacrifice a lot of money upfront.

Note: This trading course beats all the fancy yet expensive trading courses out there. Furthermore, most of the people who sell those courses are not professional traders but salesmen. they’ll take your money and run away. But if you stick with my instructions, you’ll be grateful.

What if Equities review

What If Equities does not disclose ownership information but it is clear that they do have an office in Utah, US.

They are currently running a “back to school” offer in order to entice novice traders and make them believe that What if Equities has the ultimate snake oil indicator that makes money throughout.

what if equities

To qualify for the so called back to school offer, What if Equities requires that students must submit 12 profitable trades to receive prices ranging from $500 $1250.

It’s obvious that people who visit this site are not professional traders and for that reason, you don’t expect them to get 12 straight trades right. So let’s just conclude that this prize is unattainable. The anonymous owner of What if Equities knows this fact very well.

In addition to this, What if Equities claims that students who get 12 trades right will also have the freedom to choose the venue of the next event where they will reveal 3 trading strategies in addition to providing what is known as Trader’s think tank. I have no idea what this really entails but it seems to suggest the name of this specific event.

Subscribers of What if Equities are presenting 4 different subscription plans to students who want to learn trading.

These include the following:

(a) Trader Lite

Step by step assistance of software setup. Access to basic training, education and live webinars, Lite trader chart and so on. There’s $449 Sign-up fee, $21 Monthly Membership, $260 Monthly Indicators, and $45.99 per month Green Chart access.

(b) Trader pro Funding

6 weeks of trader coaching and live account trading , basic and advanced training material, live webinars, paper trading with coaching, $7,995 Sign-up fee, $21 Monthly Membership, $260 Monthly Indicators, funded account of up to $50,000 and $45.99 per month Green chart subscription.

(c) Trader Premium

This plan provides a year of membership with unlimited indicator access, 6 weeks of personalized coaching, 8 weeks of live trading preparation, software setup assistance, active paper trading, $11,147 Sign-up fee, $21 Monthly Membership, $260 Monthly Indicators, $45.99 Monthly Green Chart and so on. What if Equities demands that students should begin trading corporate accounts after 9 weeks.

(d) Trader Executive

Like Trader Premium, What if Equities is offering one year of membership with unlimited access to indicators, 2 days of personal coaching at their Utah office, 8 weeks live trading preparation, step by step software setup assistance, access to daily webinars and weekly trader education, paper trading, $100,000 funded account, $260 Monthly Indicators, $21 Monthly Membership, $16,547 Sign-up fee, $45.99 Monthly Green Chart and so on.

I have only covered major details of the What If Equities offering and as you can see, a lot of money is involved in order to learn trading through this website. The question is; will you become a successful trader after spending this much in at trading school like What if Equities?

To answer that question, we’ll consider reviews from students who went through What if Equities trading course.

What if Equities reviews

While going through feedback from one of their students, I learned that What if Equities is providing trading indicators but at the same time making sure that one cannot continue using these trading indicators if they are not enrolled in one of their membership plans.

This particular trader claims that the indicators he was given works and he is making money. However, he wanted to pull out of the program so he could continue using the indicator while not paying the exorbitant fees and while this sounds like a wise idea, I do have a second opinion.

This person seems to have traded for a short period, probably for a month. Any expert trader will tell you that a month is a very short duration to conclude that your trading is profitable or not. You need at least 6 months to learn the trend and become really confident that your skills are at par or at least the trading system you use is good.

So this guy tested this indicator by What if Equities and concluded that the indicator was making them $750 every day. This is good enough but my question is why is What if Equities insisting that students must pay the subscription fee in order to keep utilizing these indicators? Is there something they know that traders don’t?

The answer is in my theory above. If a trader makes money this month, it does not mean that the same will happen the next month or after a few months. Because they know this fact and their snake oil indicators don’t work in the long run, it must be making a lot of sense to sell indicators and make a fortune rather than use them for trading.


To me, this is a rip off and a scam. I have always warned traders not to fall for these funded trader programs claiming to teach the secrets to making wealth, at the same time putting limits on novice traders which they know cannot be achieved. 5ers is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. If you know that What if Equities is a rip off and probably a scam, you won’t waste your money and time. You can spend less on this quality trading course and you’ll still make money without subjecting yourself to silly conditions and restrictions which make you risk more money without guaranteed results.