What are pump and dump channels on Telegram and How to Make Money With Them?


Clever people will always take advantage of a technology in its infancy so they can make money and get out of it when everyone else is looking to get inside later on. See what happened with Bitcoin.

You have probably heard people using phrases like ”Binance pump and dump telegram”, ”Crypto pump an dump telegram”, Telegram pump and dump groups” and generally any combination of phrases involving the words ”pump and dump.

It is not surprising that many people don’t understand what pump and dump channels on Telegram are. But those who understand them can’t find the best pump and dump groups to join and make quick money. Thankfully, that’s where my training and mentorship comes handy.

And in case you are a beginner, this eye-opening guide will explain in details what Telegram pump and dump groups are.

This is basically a system involving the buying and selling of Cryptocurrencies for profits.

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It follows a systematic methodology where ”pumpers” go through a series of steps before lots of money can be made.

Telegram Pump and Dump groups: How money is made

The steps that the ”pumpers” will take are as follows:

1 Buying coins/tokens at ICOs

The pumpers will identify an ICO and purchase the tokens as soon as the token sale kicks in. This will artificially drive price up because many pumpers are buying simultaneously.

2 Holding while trolling chat boxes of various exchanges

Once coins/tokens have been bought and investors are holding them, they will start engaging/trolling with chart-boxes of specific Cryptocurrency exchanges with the intention to promote the coins. Keep in mind that members/holders of coins already have insider information concerning the token and the economics surrounding it.

The aim of this phase is to generate interest from outsiders so that they can gradually buy coins/start searching for best pump and dump telegram channels/groups. Those with deep pockets can even make use of this keyword to target ready customers searching on Google.

3 Dumping phase

This is where outsiders will start buying the coins/tokens. The sell orders are released in small chunks, hence the insiders/pumpers will end up with good profit.

But now that we have already seen how coins are bought and sold for good profit, the question is, how do you identify the best pump and dump telegram channels to join?

The answer to this question can be found in my Forex and Cryptocurrency investment course here. I have dedicated an entire chapter to this topic so that learners can understand what to look for in these pump and dump groups, what telegram groups to join, and how not to get scammed in the process. If you follow my training, you can be sure to make a lot of money in a short duration of time. See you on the inside.