Wealthy Trader Scam – In-depth Review Exposes This Filth

You want to trade binary options? Well, go for it. But the Wealthy Trader by ‘Nelson Roosen’ shouldn’t be your choice. We’ve discovered alarming issues regarding the Wealthy Trader. For instance, there’s evidence of fake actors, falsified bank statements and exaggerated profit claims… all in the name of promoting the Wealthy Trader software.

Am not bluffing. This is a get-rich quick scheme that will never solve your financial woes. In fact, the website of the Wealthy Trader looks spammy. It has nothing other than a promotion video clip and a sign up form. That means that this website was only designed to collect contact information of unsuspecting visitors, so that the spamming of your email inbox can begin.

So in this review, we will highlight the main issues which we have against the Wealthy Trader system. Hopefully, you will see how serious those issues are so that you can make the right decision as far as your investment is concerned.

The Wealthy Trader scam: Evidence implicating that this is a scam

We will work with screenshots to help you see how these guys intended to trick traders. A few guys appear on the sales video to claim that the Wealthy Trader changed their lives for the better.

We’ve actually collected evidence from the first ”beta tester”. Things are not pretty as this guy was hired for $5 to lie.

The guy was hired from a site called Fiverr.com and given a script to read in support of this robot.

In fact, if you do a quick research on this guy’s Fiverr profile, you will see that he is touting his service for 5 bucks only. That means he is very cheap, and anyone can hire him to tell lies in their sales video anytime.

The wealthy trader software and fake testimonials


fake testimonial wealthy trader
Same actor promoting wealthy trader

Up next is Roosen’s alleged bank account. That bank account shows that Roosen has since made profits to the tune of  $1,173,018.23.

Do you honestly believe that this is true? Well, I was surprised that people still believe in these white lies.

Truth is that these screenshots have been photoshopped. This is to make you believe that Mr. Roosen is filthy rich and is able to make you rich too.

fake financial statement for wealthy trader

The reality is that this guy is simply a thief. It’s the reason he will never present himself on the pitch video. He prefers to use an anonymous narrator on the video rather than showing up physically.

I mean, the intention is to steal your money in the name of helping you make money through binary options trading. This anonymous person has colluded with criminal off-shore brokers, and the plan is set.

Also, notice how profit projection for this robot is not consistent. The website announces that traders can make up to 6k a day. But when you watch the video, the story changes, and now you hear that guys can make up to 2k a day trading with the Wealthy Trader app. This is so ridiculous.

Moreover, we find the pitch video quite rude because the guy tells us to leave immediately if we don’t believe what he is talking about.

He claims that he has what it takes to make you wealthy because he loves making people wealthy. Honestly, who would love to make you wealthy if it’s not for your own effort? In this world, people are selfish. Millionaires wouldn’t wish to have you joining their circles. That’s why conspiracy theories have come up about how Governments and the big banking institutions are manipulating the poor by all means so that the status quo can be maintained.

The sad truth is that we are living in a selfish world. Legitimate opportunities don’t come easily. Most of the so-called binary options money-making opportunities are just scams. This includes the Wealthy Trader which we are now talking about here.

Background of Nelson Roosen of the Wealthy Trader

Rest assured that this man does not have a background in trading. He is just a filthy scammer who has decided to make money the illegal way. How does he intend to achieve this?

Well, first off, he is a fictional character. Secondly, he wants to convince you with narratives that play around with your psychology. That’s the reason he claims that his dad was a factory worker who died poor.

Then he also associates himself with Wallstreet by lying that he used to work there right after college. But he does not mention the exact name of the Wallstreet brokerage firm where he used to work at. That’s a red flag because it’s crystal clear that this man doesn’t want us to research his background.

Thankfully, Google is always alert, and will expose these liars at all time. See, Roosen of Wealthy Trader is just an imposter or a fake. It’s the reason he sells snake oil to those who are gullible. Avoid.

Moreover, it’s such a pity that some industry blogs have gone ahead to endorse the Wealthy Trader system because they do earn commissions in the process.

As for us, we are not going to endorse any product that does not deserve it. Wealthy Trader is an obvious scam, and whoever will endorse it is not morally upright so to speak.

Is this scam free?

Scams love to promote themselves with the word ”free”. But the truth is that a scam can never be free. Otherwise, it would beat logic because the operators are in to steal your money.

The Wealthy Trader, for instance, is just one of the many binary options scam software on the internet. It’s the reason they will ask you to deposit $250 with any one of their brokers. Once that is done, they will be happy with you because they know you will lose all of it. In the end, they profit and you lose.

Wrapping things up

I don’t believe that Wealthy Trader will make you a nickel as a trader. In fact, you stand a better chance making money in binary options through guessing than using this software.

The truth is that it will open trades randomly because the developer earns commissions each time you run the software with their chosen broker. Again, they earn affiliate commissions whenever you sign up with any of their integrated links on the site. Beware of the scam.

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