We Talk Trade Review – of Pipbreaker, Trading Signals and Much More


WeTalkTrade.com, a professional-looking blog and website offering Forex trading signals and blog post lessons ranging from MQL programming to trading strategies and tips, is something we will look at in this in-depth analysis.

We Talk Trade also offers a Forex indicator known as Pipbreaker. However, the focus of this We Talk Trade review is on their live Forex trading signals. We will also be looking at any other product or service offered by We Talk Trade website.

we talk trade review

We Talk Trade cites their physical address as  WTT are located at 2711 Centerville Road, Suite 400, Wilmington, DE 19808.

There are 3 ways to reach out to their support. These include through email, a live chat and on their Facebook page. I find getting in touch with them through live chat the most convenient of all.

I even received a welcome-back notice when I visited the second time. So that means someone is always manning the chat.

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We Talk Trade Review

What I realize is that We Talk Trade is very pro-active in their approach towards addressing the problems that FX traders face.

They are also not hesitant to provide the address of their actual headquarters. In addition to that, we can confirm that We Talk Trade has several social media profiles. They are upfront about it.

The website where We Talk Trade is hosted at is pleasing to the eye. However, in terms of content, it is lacking.

The thing is, whether we are talking of Forex product offering or the blog posts, they fail to convey a meaningful explanation of what is found underneath the surface of We Talk Trade.

wetalktrade signals features

The above image depicts how WeTalkTrade is summarizing their service.

85% success rate is what we should expect to find with this signal service. They are also providing signals for 12 currency pairs.

One thing that most vendors fail to do is to provide some proof that their signals are working. Max Pip FX is one example of a Forex signals vendor who fails to satisfactorily provide verifiable signals.

We have not reviewed PipBreaker. However, we have already analyzed it and saw that it is also suffering from this setback.

We Talk Trade Review – the product features

To use this service as a basic member, you don’t need to pay anything. However, to get good ”success” through We Talk Trade platform, you have to purchase premium membership.

The free version offers 12 currencies and free notification alerts. However, the premium version comes with a high success rate and also all round support 24/7.

Now that there is a free signal service, I would advice traders out there to test them first before making a decision on whether or not to go for the premium service.

We Talk Trade Review – performance

They said that We Talk Trade is assuring 85% win rate in their signals. So I want to see if this platform has a past performance result that can be verified independently.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Turns out that the 85% success rate is just a claim.

Probably this is just a guesswork or some trick which is inspired by deceptive marketing ploys.

We Talk Trade is also not offering long-form trading statements to support their claims. No myfxbook or fxblue trading platforms being utilized here to prove that they are walking the talk.

You can do yourself a favor. Investigate We Talk Trade carefully to see if you can find any verified signals on their site.

We Talk Trade Review – customer reviews

We have some outstanding ratings here. These ratings were published on Google Play.

I personally don’t like basing my faith on reviews because most of the time, deceptive FX signal providers will deceive you.

That is why I prefer real trading results as opposed to just reviews. However, this developer seems to be extremely good at how they answer questions thrown at them.

Here is a screenshot showing the ratings, reviews and the developer’s response.

wetalktrade reviews

We Talk Trade Review – the conclusion

The moment an 85% success rate was promised, I was looking for some sort of proof to verify that We Talk Trade was telling the truth.

I appreciate their level of professionalism. However, I just need more to prove what they are promising me on the sales page.

What they lack is transparency. I’d like to see this transparency before I can proceed to sign up.

Note: don’t trade with unregulated brokers. Only pick and sign up with regulated ones.