USA Forex Bank Review: Is Scam or Legit?

USA Forex Bank Review: Is Scam or Legit?

Welcome to the USA Forex Bank review. The site in question does not operate from the US.

They claim that USAForexBank is operating out of a New York physical address which is listed as 110 Wall St # 6, New York, NY 10005, United States America.

This is not a visiting address, and may be a virtual address. USA Forex bank cannot be trusted for the simple reason that they are using a virtual address.

To make matters worse, they do not sound very convincing because the content that is found on the USA Forex Bank website is just generic filler text.

They claim that it is free to become a client of USA Forex Bank. You just need to create an account and you will earn 11% daily or up to 200% in 7 days.

USA Forex Bank is clearly advertising a miracle. Can we trust this shady website?

You shouldn’t waste your time and money on a fake website. We have prepared this page for those of you who want to make money with Forex trading.

USA Forex Bank review

Something is not right with this website. First of all, the promised returns depict that this is a HYIP scam.

They claim that funds are invested carefully and risks managed in Forex trading by their ”local advisors” for high net-worth clients.

Actually, this site’s main purpose is to give investment advisory service, which is illegal because USA Forex Bank is neither registered with the SEC or any financial regulatory body anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, the kind of returns promised by this site are far-fetched. These returns cannot be earned in any form of trading, whether in Forex, stocks, futures and Cryptocurrencies trading.

USA Forex Bank

If it was this easy, everybody would be rich because USA Forex Bank is accepting everybody for free and automatically investing their monies to profit.

Assuming that you were to make 200% in 7 days, you’d literally multiply your capital over and over again in one month. You’d be a millionaire in just a few months because USA Forex Bank is so good at trading that they guarantee high returns without a loss.

But that also tells you that this is a too good to be true investment opportunity, a HYIP or even a ponzi scheme.

USA Forex Bank Review – making over 10K overnight

On the homepage, there is a quote by Johnathan Larson which says that if you find a successful person and did what they did, you will get the same results.

So this site is basically trying to mislead internet randoms by claiming that their traders are successful, and we can involve them to make riches overnight.

Anything that sounds too good to be true is not real. That is why USA Forex Bank is a scam just like FintechFX, Algotechs, Topstepfx and many more.

The exaggerated income claims make it clear that this is a risky website to invest any amount of money in.

USA Forex Bank Review – mysterious owner

While they claim to be so good at trading, the operators of this website are mysterious and 100% anonymous.

If this does not scare you, you probably need to think again. In my opinion, you should never trust anonymous people on the internet with your money.

It’s just too risky especially if they can’t prove that they are generating their revenue from the said source.

In the case of USA Forex Bank, there is zero evidence that they are generating revenue from Forex trading.

In fact, there are no reviews about this service on the internet. The ones I could find were published on industry blogs that focus on reviewing investment services. These review sites are mostly fake and cannot be trusted at all.

USA Forex Bank review – conclusion

This scam lacks authenticity. The red flags cannot be ignored. They don’t even have a license for what they claim to do.

Above all, they are using a virtual address, which confirms that the site is operated by rogues. Stay away from the scam.

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