Universalcurrencytraders.com Review: Is Universal Currency Traders Scam?


Universal Currency Traders offers managed binary options and Crypto currency trading accounts but its services cast a shadow of doubt among curious internet users.

During my investigations, I noticed a number of consistent lies which portray Universalcurrencytraders.com as a fraud than a legit investment service.

The domain Universalcurrencytraders.com was created 6 months ago but according to the promotion material on their site, it was created 22 years ago.

This is a trick meant to create the illusion that Universal Currency Traders is a stable and reliable investment destination that is not likely to disappear with your money any time.

Universal Currency Traders

They claim to be based in New York, NY 10007, USA. Also, their support representatives can be contacted through phone (+1 917 477 7885) or email [email protected].

What’s even funnier is the fact that Universal Currency Traders is promising 100% returns in a week, which is clearly impossible to generate.

I believe that if these folks were multiplying investments this fast, they would never involve anyone in their business. They would simply become wealthy secretly.

If you look at the bigger picture, you will see that Universal Currency Traders is actually not trading but intending to scam you of your deposit.

Let’s find out how. But before that, if you want to invest in trading, my recommendations is that you should purchase any of these professional trading solutions. 

Universal Currency Traders review

To start with, there are 4 different types of trading accounts offered by this website.

The conditions are returns are as follows:

Standard      $300-$999   42% in 2 weeks, 20% Management fee

Silver            $10000-$4,999   45% in 1 week, 15% management fee

Gold             $5000-$19,999  48% in 1 week, 10% management fee

Premium  $20,000+ 50% in one week, 5% management fee

If you look at the above investment plans, you will realize that the figures which they promise are simply out of the reality.

The person who was writing this was probably out of touch with the reality.

The fact of the matter is that there is not a single investment manager who can generate 42% bi-weekly return. It’s on the higher side and the market is also not the quickest way to make a lot of money.

Therefore, this is a red flag and a very important pointer with regards to the credibility of Universal Currency Traders.

Universal Currency Traders review – why it’s a scam

First of all, Binary options trading is banned in most countries including the US.

If this website’s operators claim to offer CFDs trading in Crypto currencies and are based in the US, they are clearly offering an illegal service.

Secondly, financial regulators require that a managed account service must be regulated in some way. In the US, we have the SEC which Universal Currency Traders must report to.

According to the SEC, websites operating like Universal Currency Traders should prove that they are generating income for their clients through trading.

Universal Currency Traders claims that they have a special robot that does the trading for their clients. The SEC, on the other hand, needs proof of the existence of that particular robot which Universal Currency Traders does not have.

But that’s not all. These crooks are even using fake testimonials to persuade investors that their service is one of the most legit and profitable.

Indeed if it’s this profitable, it would be easier to verify those claims. It is just a matter of investigating the background of the people who are allegedly giving their testimonials about Universal Currency Traders.

If they are genuine, Universal Currency Traders should provide their social profiles and we will contact each one of them independently.

Unfortunately, what I found was that these people were represented by stock photos. Their alleged income which they claim to have generated through this pathetic investment scheme is also exaggerated. There is no way this scam can generate $20,000 in 2 weeks. But one of the fake testimonials is actually confessing so.

Universal Currency Traders is run by thieves!

If you want to steal from people, you should at least make an effort to convince them.

Now, the thieves who run this mediocre service are actually too lazy to even fake their performance results. It is an insult to those other hard working thieves in this industry.

They claim to trade on Crypto currency exchanges as well, even to the point of letting their traders buy and sell from them too.

First of all, Universal Currency Traders does not look like a place where you can buy and sell Crypto currencies. It is not an exchange and secondly, I do not understand why they claim to manage people’s accounts and yet there is no proof of trading at all.

The 90% return on investment is meant to lure victims. This fraud does not tell you that binary options was banned.

To make matters worse, they are accepting payment using anonymous funding sources. These include Bitcoin, Western Union, Money Gram among other methods that make it impossible to reverse transactions.

Do you see how they intend to scam you?

Their background story also does not add up because the operators of this site are 100% anonymous and all they can tell us are lies about what their traders and investors have achieved so far.


I don’t think a sane trader would invest with a scam like Universal Currency Traders . It would be disastrous. I have reviewed a number of scams before and one thing I can say is that they all share the same characteristics…. huge returns, anonymous operators, etc.

For those of you wondering whether there is still a genuine way to auto trade and make profits, my answer is yes and my recommendations is that you can try out these trading products. 

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