Try Day Trading Review – Fake TryDayTrading Company in Utah


When I opened that page, I discovered ”weekly trade results” which are nothing more than random figures in pips and a bunch of graphic charts which clearly depict the inability of this company to present verifiable trading success record.

trydaytrading company performance

trydaytrading company fake performance

To cut a long story short, Try Day Trading company has no verifiable track record of ever trading or teaching their supposed students how to become profitable traders.

Try Day Trading Review – First impression

Fairly professional. There are a couple of success video testimonials here and there together with a page that’s dedicated for publishing Try Day Trading reviews.

There is basic free Forex education like ”What is Forex” etc and an overview of how the coaching works through weekly webinars.

The website proclaims that students will be live trading with the proprietary trading algorithm and a bunch of other Forex indicators.

In each of the live trading sessions (SAT, ONIT, & AIT Webinars), students are supposed to come out with some pip gains from the market.

The 40 minute webinar sessions will show students how the proprietary trading indicators work and how they can trade their way to a $100,000 worth of company’s funded account.

Try Day Trading Review – red flags

Before I published this Try Day Trading review, I wondered if these guys had any verifiable track record.

On the footer of the website is a warning proclaiming that past performance is not indicative of future performance.

The question I have for this trading education company is this …. Where is your proclaimed track record for the number of years you claim to have taught students and traded the market?