Review: Scam Managed Account at Trusted Option Pro Review: Scam Managed Account at Trusted Option Pro

This TrustedOptionPro review proves that Trusted Option Pro is an investment scam masquerading as a genuine managed account service.

Just like its counterpart Algotechs, TrustedOptionPro intends to mislead victims in order to have them sending funds in Bitcoin, which is then laundered on the back end.

Other than being a suspicious investment fund, there is strong evidence that TrustedOptionPro is scamming people based on negative customer feedback going round the internet at the moment.

TrustedOptionPro claims that the success rate is 40-70%. This is addressed in their FAQ section in a vague way.

In addition to this, the shady operation lies that they were founded in 2009. But when I inspect this domain, I discover that it was created in August 2018.

So clearly this is a contradiction, and it does not catch me by surprise either.

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Trusted Option Pro review

It appears that TrustedOptionPro is based out of the US because they have this phone number (+1 (545) 723 7331) for their support.

In addition to that, we can contact them through chat and contact form which is integrated on the website.

TrustedOptionPro claims to be invested in Forex, Futures, Cryptocurrencies and in another asset class known as NFP.

They also claim that they can showcase their previous work through special documents showing clients who deposited and when they cashed out their profits.

These documents are available upon request but I suspect that they are forged documents and nothing original.

Any photoshop software can do this work without much hustle. So do not accept these ”documents” as proof of trading.

If we are talking proof of trading, we need a redacted trading statement from one of their brokers in addition to a verified myfxbook account which shows the progress they’ve made so far.

Also, I do not see why TrustedOptionPro should not make proof of trading readily available on their website. Why wait until a client demands to see them?

The website also claims that they’ve managed to secure at least 2,500 clients since 2015.

The problem here is that Trusted Option Pro never existed in 2015. So there is no way they could have operated this business and got clients.

They have not even indicated whether Trusted Option Pro was operating through another domain at the time. I believe that if this was the case, they could have mentioned it. So this is purely made up story.

Also, they state that they prefer payment in Bitcoin as opposed to any other form. Again, this is suspicious since the site is asking you to risk a very big amount through a payment method where funds cannot be retrieved once they are sent.

The minimum deposit is $500. Now, think about this: TrustedOptionPro is asking you to send this amount to them directly instead of funding your broker account with the money so they can trade it.

In other words, TrustedOptionPro is also acting as a broker, and hence they need an investment license and also a broker’s license.

Specifically, they need SEC’s approval to be able to legally work with clients who are based in the US. For those who are based in the UK, they need the approval of the FCA. The same thing applies to other jurisdictions of the world.

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TrustedOptionPro investment plans

There are 3 investment plans here labeled Professional, Premium and Bitcoin.

Professional plan is for beginners and it attracts a fee of 30% on profit. This is not based on high water mark. So rest assured that even if they were legit, you’d still lose a great deal of your money, even to the point of losing all your funds.

The Premium plan is for high net-worth clients. Trusted Option Pro claims that they are charging a fee of 25%.

Finally, the BTC investment plan is for high fortune seekers. The fee that is associated with this plan is 27%.

Now, keep in mind that TrustedOptionPro requires you to risk a minimum of 25K on the first plan, 200K on the second and 2 BTC on the third.


TrustedOptionPro is quite suspicious because they are asking for a very big amount upfront, which is unusual for an operation of this caliber.

From the screenshot above, you can see that each of the 3 plans are represented by a performance line graph.

These charts cannot be clicked. They are merely pictures with hand-drawn line graphs. The anonymous operator just faked the line graphs to show us fake performance history.

Trusted Option Pro does not have a myfxbook account and neither can they produce a redacted broker statement.

In short, there is zero evidence of live trading performance.

Trusted Option Pro review: why this is a pure scam

After scamming a victim who tried it all in vain to get a response from their chat system, that victim decided to raise the issue on major online trading forums where he was desperately looking for help because he had allegedly lost 400$ through TrustedOptionPro.

Initially when he was being wooed, he spoke to a lady called Mrs.Erica Nelson who informed him that for $500, he would get a profit of $5,500 per week. Sounds like a stupid thing to proceed with the deposit process but believe you me, this fellow foolishly fell for the narrative.

The consequences? He got scammed by Mrs.Erica Nelson. In as much as this story sounds sad, I feel like laughing because clearly how do you expect $5,500 per week from an investment of $500 only?


Just don’t try it. Trusted Option Pro is a scam and there is evidence all over the internet.

It copies scams like i-Forex,, Gold Fields Exchange and many more.

If you have been scammed by Trusted Option Pro or got frustrated by them in any way, don’t be scared to share your comments.

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