Trend Mystery Review: Another Scam by Karl Dittmann

Trend Mystery Review: Another Scam by Karl Dittmann

Karl Dittmann is known for releasing one trading indicator after the other. Therefore, in this review, I will give you all the reasons as to why you should not trust Trend Mystery.

According to the sales page, Trend Mystery is a Forex trading system that generates signals. These signals are allegedly going to make you money if executed into your trading account.

Karl Dittmann claims that Trend Mystery is highly profitable and is only retailing for the price of $147. At this point, I am interested in the specifics, i.e how the trading indicator works and what trading strategy it is using to generate Buy and Sell signals. Is this information available on the sales page of Trend Mystery? No, it is not. What is available on the sales page is vague marketing content.

It is not unusual to find developers selling their indicators without proper explanation of the strategy which they have coded into their software.

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Trend Mystery Review

Trend Mystery is a piece of bullshit. The software is a generic indicator that loses money because it lacks the intelligence needed to trade and make money consistently.

trend mystery review

When you use Trend Mystery indicator, someone who goes to a Las Vegas casino will have a better chance of making money than you.

Karl Dittmann is well known for launching one trading indicator after the other. And the worst thing is that none of his products have been reported to work.

Many people complain that he is scamming them through his products which do not produce results as stated in the advertising material.

The worst thing is that Ditt-shit knows it very well. He has never cleared his name on the internet and instead continues to recycle same marketing material to promote new products.

He only creates new landing pages and continues selling his products. The latest one is Trend Mystery and this one too is not performing as expected.

The other thing you have to understand is that Karl Dittmann is not even a real name. It is a character created by a scammer who is well known for launching fake trading indicator and even owning a blog called

Recycling old trading indicators and selling them as new

Trend Mystery is just a new copy of the existing indicators created by this fictitious character. Some of the products he has created and continued to recycle include Scalping Detector, FX Atom Pro, Fibo Quantum among others.

All these trading indicators are meant to generate signals but the problem is that they never work. Trend Mystery too does not work.

Avoid Trend Mystery

The guy is certainly smart, and I even believe that many people buy his products only to discover that they don’t work. It is not clear whether refunds are usually processed successfully. However, there is a fair amount of complaints on the internet, meaning that people lose money with his products nevertheless.


Trend Mystery is not a software you can rely on to generate signals. If you want a good trading software, my recommendation is that you should use any of these expert advisors because they have a track record unlike Trend Mystery which is associated with a scammer and performance cannot be verified either.

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