Traders Elite Review: Is This Signal Service Worth It?


Thanks for reading this Traders Elite Review. What is Traders Elite? It’s a website that purports to offer premium trading signals and training if you’re willing to corporate with your wallet.

Elite Traders website also has freebies for people who love free things. They first entice you with an invitation to provide them with your email address.

traders elite review and signup form

With this small sacrifice on your end, you can gain access to free ”training videos” and special reports which will guarantee you a fortune in the Forex market.

With your email in their database, you can also get to download their app for free. What do you gain by having this app on your smart phone?

Apparently, this app is the key to receiving daily actionable results which can propel you to the seat of a consistently profitable trader. Lol!

On the sales page of Traders Elite, visitors are also promised that if they sign up, they can finally learn the art of entering and exiting any Forex market with military precision. In fact, Traders Elite is promising to teach you how to enter and exist any market within milliseconds so that you can claim your position in the top 5% of successful retail traders worldwide.

Folks, this is certainly ‘good news’. But we need some more proof before we can approve this website.

Traders Elite Review: Only bad things to say about this website

Honestly, I do not want to believe that Traders Elite has the answer to traders’ problems. But if they do have an answer, they must be willing to support it with facts as opposed to mere allegations.

So far, I have learned that Traders Elite has a number of products which they claim is the secret magic to quick riches in the Forex market.

In addition to offering weekly Forex signals, Elite Traders has come up with a number of trading products which sound promising and fancy. These include Trend Catcher, Price Flip, Macro Levels and the FX Files.

traders elite products

It’s not clear whether these resources have a price tag or are offered for free. The website is very economical with information by the way. And that’s an issue I cannot take so lightly because so many things are at stake when details are scarce. It’s your money and your right to know as much as you’d love to know concerning any trading system.

The site also claims that membership is closed till further notice is issued on available opportunities. However, they still insist that you should provide them with your email address so that you can be notified when opportunity arises.

Personally, I feel that is is just a marketing tactic. At no time will you be rejected for showing interest in their trading products. This is probably a trick that works well with the naive and the desperate because Traders Elite and such like websites view this category of individuals as fodder. They are gullible, easy to convince, hence profitable to milk from.

Unverified statistics on the Traders Elite website

On the sales page, the person responsible for this website claims that they have since acquired and maintained over 7000 members.

traders elite review with fake statistics

According to the sales page, Traders Elite has managed to make 22,000 pips ever since they opened shop to the members of the public.

On top of that, they claim that this website has existed for the last 15 years, and that signals have been delivered from this website in the last 4 years.

Well, I can assure you of the fact that these stats can’t be verified. They are impossible to believe. They also come across as ridiculous because in this day and era, no one can believe any piece of information which they find on the internet without proof to authenticate claims made therein.

In fact, if you scroll to the bottom of this sales page, you will see a risk disclaimer written in fine print. What does it say?

It says that all results that may be presented in this website shall be considered hypothetical, and should not be interpreted as a guarantee that traders will simulate those results on a real trading account.

This means that if Traders Elite says that a specific trade was executed and that certain results were realized, it should be treated as if that trade was not actually executed. After all, all ‘trading results’ are hypothetical and actually meant for educational purposes.

In layman’s terms, this means that you should not blame Traders Elite for loses that are incurred as a result of using any of their products or services.

So what have clients done instead? They have went ahead and ignored that risk disclaimer, thinking that the narrative that Traders Elite is propagating is real. They were honestly being curious to buy Forex snake oil. We will get to this shortly.

Traders Elite Review: who owns this website?

It’s owned by some called Michael Nurok, and I personally doesn’t trust him. It’s not even clear if Michael Nurok is his real name. I tried snooping on him and only hit a dead end. Men, this guy is extremely secretive.

traders elite review and michael nurok scam

I was only able to establish that the website is registered in Scottsdale, Arizona. The name of the registrant remains hidden. In my opinion, this is an indication that someone is escaping responsibility or trying to make it harder for the authorities to zero in on them (in case negative customer reviews come in thick and fast to the point of attracting public interest, and ultimately the police).

So far, Michael Nurok has not been able to prove their 15 years of trading experience. Secondly, they do not have a trading track record because they said all trading results or investment advice was for educational purposes only.

Then, who provided them with a license to practice this business? Apparently, they are unregulated and are anonymous. That’s a typical route that scams in the Forex industry love to follow.

We do not have any physical address on the website of Traders Elite. We don’t know the exact physical location of this website, although we know where the server is.

Point is, there is a lot of mystery here. It’s the kind of thing that only appeals to people who enjoy financial mystery.

Customer feedback

So with no trading history and proof that Traders Elite is run by a proficient trader(s), one guy decided to invest USD1000 thinking that they will make a profit.

This guy specifically wanted to subscribe to their trade copier service. 2 months down the line, that account had been slayed to $50. In as much as they made a stupid mistake, I pitied them.

By the way, for some time, I was ignoring these customer testimonials because I felt that this website’s intention was quite obvious to everyone.

However, as months went by, it became apparent that this site was not delivering what traders expected. But they took money anyway.

So on one sunny afternoon, I received a special request to review Traders Elite.

What caught my attention was the fact that this particular customer had ”invested” $199 as ”initiation fee”, then paid another $99 as subscription for 3 months of using their signals.

Now, this traders narrated their story of how they lost money in the hands of these ”financial trading experts”. It reached a point when no emails were being answered. These cowards literally sucked his money and left him for broke. They didn’t want anything to do with his refund requests.

How much had he lost? He claims that he had lost nearly $1,000. Evidence was given to me of the said amount of money that was lost as a result of trading Traders Elite Signals.

Wrapping it up

I believe that you who are reading this Traders Elite Review are wise. If that is the case, I implore you not to waste your money and time on this website’s trading products. Don’t regret it later. Just avoid.