The Forex Trading Coach Review – Scam, Please Avoid!


The Forex Trading Coach! This trading school appears to have so much content to teach. They talk of price action, breakout strategy, weekly webinars, trading rooms, and uniquely-built custom trading software for you.

Good, you can spend money on that. But am wondering whether you’ve conducted a background research on the Forex Trading Coach website. All that glitters isn’t gold. You can learn from this review first.

the successful trader system sold at the forex trading coach

The Forex Trading Coach Review: things which you should know

The Forex Trading Coach charges a whooping $2,500 just to learn the ”secret”. You are essentially spending so much on your education than on your trading activities.

And if you’re paying that much, chances are that you will get quality education, right? After all, it’s only fair that when you invest on your education for a big price tag, you get an equal measure of skill.

But apparently, in Forex trading, that’s not the case. This is a field that has been dominated by con artists who run multi-million dollar scams. These are hard to detect.

I have already researched the courses offered at The Forex Trading Coach website. It might seem like you’ll gain a lot out of this education. But trust me, you won’t. Mr. Mitchem is out there to extort newbies. He earns a living by masquerading as a Forex teacher. He extorts money from his customers in the name of giving them the secret to trading the Forex market like a pro.

What is more, it’s very likely that several people have fallen for this sham. It’s a bad thing that in as much as The Forex Trading Coach sounds serious, it is only a joke. I am yet to come across customers who have gone through the hands of Mitchem and are trading successfully today.

Andrew Mitchem of the Forex Trading Coach

andrew mitchem of the forex trading coach

This website sells lies and misconceptions. On top of that, it charges exorbitant fees, which isn’t fair in the first place.

The face behind it, Andrew Mitchem, claims to be a Forex mentor who has 10 years of experience in the field of trading.

He describes himself as an investor, a Forex trader, and a private fund manager. I wonder whose funds he has been managing since there is absolutely no evidence that he is an asset manager.

Andrew Mitchem, like many of his fellow con artists are skilled salesmen. They know how to convince people with lies. It’s the reason they are selling lies for $2,500 USD, and people are buying these materials only to realize that they spent so much and got nothing in return.

Andrew Mitchem’s professional profile is quite shoddy. I have evidence that he is also the owner of a site called This site masquerades as a genuine portfolio management firm. But it’s not licensed in the first place.

Now, Mitchem is the only face behind this site. He claims that for an investment of $20,000, he will double your money in no time.

He also claims that his investment strategies are very safe, and that investors should expect high returns from him.

Please take note that Mitchem does not have a track record for this kind of job. That site is not even verified by a third party. No wonder he was not willing to corporate with us because he simply didn’t have proof that his methods of investing are profitable. A pure charlatan!

Other fees charged at The Forex Trading Coach

You’ll be surprised that Mitchem is a real con artist. First of all, he says that he can give you free access to his Forex courses only if you sign up with your email address.

Then later on, you will realize that he charges $2,500 to ”teach you how to trade”. This bogus mentoring course also claims to give you some unique tools to aid in your trading in addition to weekly live trading rooms.

As if paying him $2,500 isn’t enough, this guy asks for another 20k to be your private coach. In other words, if you want a one-on-one trading session with him, he will charge you $20,000 for that.

Keep in mind that this training only lasts for a day. You’re essentially paying so much just to access a live webinar that lasts in a few hours. That is when you will realize that you’ve lost money.

I must admit that he is very smart in his approach. First, he targets wealthy traders or people who have lots of money who think that if trained, they can double their wealth in a short period of time.

Also, he seems to have mastered the art of psychology. It’s the reason his services at the Forex Trading Coach are pricey. Usually, when people come across products or services with high price tags, they tend to think that they will get quality if only they paid the price. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

Last but not least, there are a number of videos where Andrew Mitchem claims that he will teach you step-by-step and also show you his trading results so that you can believe in his skills.

the forex trading coach tools and training

I looked at those videos and realized that they were only suspicious. In one of the videos, he claimed that he was showing his students how to make one trade that will generate more profits than if they saved that investment in their bank accounts.

This is obviously an exaggerated statement. Unfortunately, a number of victims do fall for such statements because they believe that such an expensive trading course will never let them down.

Has This Forex Coach Traded FX Anywhere?

Scammers hate to prove their statements with facts or evidence. The same thing applies to Mitchem of The Forex Trading Coach.

He claims that he makes 5% monthly return on investment whenever he trades the 1 hour and 4 hour time frames. But he does not produce any broker statements to support his claims.

He also claims that the Forex Trading Coach will make his students better in trading in record 3 months. In other words, you will be able to simulate his results in just 3 months because his methods are a surefire.

His sweet tongue is the reason why many people are falling for his tricks, to the extent of donating their 20k hard earned cash to him.

The truth is that this man is not a professional trader. Most (if not all his money) is made through selling Forex courses and walking you through his so-called live training webinars where he teaches things that he cannot implement.

If he is so successful, this guy would have secured a spot on Forbes magazine. He would be way too rich.

Wrapping it Up

It’s easy to spot salesmen who are only interested in pursuing affiliate commissions as opposed to helping you become successful.

The owner of The Forex Trading Coach website is one of them. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this website is the secret pot of gold that you’ve been looking for. You will lose money.. and in fact a lot of it because he also does many up-sells along the way.