TeraMusu is Scam: The FCA Has Warned!


TeraMusu is a Forex and Cryptocurrency broker with a very negative reputation.

Tera Musu has been accused of implementing double standards by accepting deposits from everyone and not processing a single withdrawal from its customers.

The avalanche of negative customer feedback on forums like FPA is a testimony of what the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) recently announced concerning this company.

The company is offering and promoting a financial product/service in the UK since they are operating as an online brokerage company.

TeraMusu is knowingly offering these services without the authorization of the FCA – which has already warned that TeraMusu is acting in bad faith and is disregarding the fact that this field of operation is highly regulated.

The FCA has actually blacklisted it because they are offering Contracts for Difference (CFDs) without a license.

Quick notes about TeraMusu

This brokerage firm is owned by parent company Agatha Limited whose operations are overseen by another company called Aruma Ways.

Teramusu scam review

This brokerage does not mention this fact on their website though. What they have on their site is their company registration license. But there is no indication of any regulation by the authorities in this industry.

Customer complaints

Rest assured that customer complaints against this company are very negative. They will accept deposits but not a payout request.

One customer was threatened that their account would be closed if they insisted that they wanted their account balance back.

Like many Forex and Cryptocurrency brokers, TeraMusu is offering a deposit bonus. But according to this one particular customer, this brokerage is forcing customers to apply for deposit bonuses after which they will proceed and lock their respective account balances.

Since they are scammers, they will always find excuses not to return money to their traders.

Previous customers who have dealt with this company feel that TeraMusu is operating with impunity by robbing its traders in broad daylight.

Once money is sent to their account, there is no withdrawing it no matter what you do. Please take heed of the FCA advice against this company. Unless you want to get scammed, don’t make a deposit or attempt trading with them. Tera Musu is a scam.