Taurise Review – Scam Mining Operation and a Ponzi

Taurise Review – Scam Mining Operation and a Ponzi

On the Taurise website (taurise.com), visitors are confronted with a poorly designed marketing video featuring two actors, Robert Mackay and Rachel Davis.

The domain of this website was registered on February 26th, 2018. Taurise provides a Ltd company certificate on their website. The company was registered in the UK on the 27th of February 2018.

When scammers are looking to set up companies, the first thing they think of is UK because company registration is cheap and not regulated. It almost costs nothing and the authorities are not doing anything to crack down on companies that swindle investors of millions of dollars.

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Taurise also provides their visitors with a patent certificate which is allegedly meant to protect their Crypto currency hardware miner.

This certificate looks dubious since there are more than 8,000,000 patents which were awarded in 2014 for an organic light-emitting project.

When publishing this review, I checked Alexa.com and discovered that Russia was the largest source of traffic provider for this website.

It also appears that Turkey is associated with this website as well. Unfortunately, Taurise does not disclose ownership information. That means we do not know who owns the site.

Taurise scam actors

Taurise Review: Is this a legit Cryptocurrency mining company?

This website is marketing their mining rigs. They are actually claiming to sell mining equipment. However, the company is also running a multi-level marketing opportunity.

Taurise is touting their affiliate membership and asking affiliates to invest funds on the promise of a fixed return on investment.

The are 7 investment plans in total. Beginner plan requires an investment plan of between $30 to $199. A ROI of 118% is offered in 10 days.

‘Standart’ meaning standard in Turkish language [sic] requires $200 to $999. Affiliates are promised 140% in 20 days.

Medium plan requires $1000 to $9999 and promises a ROI of 180.5% in 35 days.

Sociable requests $700 to $5000. A ROI of 187.5% is to be provided in 25 days.

Royal is asking for $10,000 to $100,000 and promising a ROI of 225% in 50 days.

Family requires $5001 to $20,000 and promises to pay 280% in 40 days.

The ultimate plan is called Server, and requires $500 to $30,000 on the promise of 345% in 70 days.

There are 8 uni-level team levels and commissions are paid based on the amount invested.

Participation in the Taurise mining company is free. However, full participation will require an minimum investment of $30.

taurise website

Taurise Mining Review: The truth

The truth of the matter is that Taurise is lying about their business. ROIs are not generated based on trading, mining and sale of mining equipment.

There is no evidence that ROIs are generated based on these 3 business activities.

The ponzi logic test shows us that Taurise is a bogus company. If the anonymous owner of this site was truly able to generate 187.5% in 25 days, they would never hustle $30 from broke internet investors.

The site is also using dodgy marketing videos and certificates. Why?

The mathematics that governs a ponzi scheme dictates that they collapse in less than 6 months. So Taurise mining will collapse in a spectacular fashion.

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