Swing Trade Bot Review: Software, Stock Picks and Subscription


If you want to day trade or swing trade stocks, one of the services you’ll find is Swing Trade Bot (swingtradebot.com). The service offers stock screening which tells investors which stocks to buy and which ones to sell. Swing Trade Bot does this using a number of trading indicators which gives traders useful market intelligence on the general overview of the stock market.

If you’re reading this Swing Trade Bot review, chances are that you’re looking to invest in stocks and you probably have no idea whether or not to make use of Swing Trade bot platform.

Note: This Forex signal service can give you accurate stock trading recommendations.

The question that people like you are asking is whether Swing Trade Bot is profitable or not? Are the fees reasonable? Is the platform user-friendly for newbies?

What are the pitfalls of using a service like Swing Trade Bot and what would be the advantage of using a managed Forex/Cryptocurrency managed account/portfolio management service compared to Swing Trade bot stock picking service?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with buying and selling stocks and would like to venture into Forex or Cryptocurrencies, these robots can be really helpful.

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If you’d love to be trained on how to trade any asset whether Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Stocks or indices, this course would be a better investment because it comes with a one-time payment and yet it gives access to a wide range of learning materials which will help you become a successful trader for a small investment rather than spending on subscription fees to rely on a robot’s intelligence.

Swing Trade Bot review

I’ve carefully looked at the platform and as an experienced trader and investor, I can say that this stock screening platform can be quite overwhelming for newbies.

SwingTrade Bot review

SwingTradeBot believes that their platform is going to help you trade stocks profitably. The developers want investors to believe that SwingTradeBot was designed to help people stay on top of the market. It scans the market in order to find important technical developments which could act as signals for buying or selling a stock.

Swing Trade Bot Review: Features

Stock market analysis

Swing Trade Bot provides broad market and technical analysis for various stocks. These are trade setups that provide buy and sell signals where investors are alerted on what is the specific time to buy or sell the market.

There are also trade setups for pullbacks, swing trading, bullish and bearish markets respectively. These setups seem to be purely inspired by technical analysis tools such as moving averages, Bollinger Bands, DMA and a couple of other technical indicator tools.

Swing Trade Bot has also incorporated a Stock Twits widget which basically pulls information from the StockTwits platform and displaying on the Swing Trade Bot platform.

StockTwits is infamous for hosting fake and fraudulent investment hustlers who sell all manner of investment products. This guy threw shade on this investment platform and you can read his review here if you have time.

Swing Trade Bot review: Mike’s Notes

Mike’s notes is a section of the Swing Trade Bot platform where a supposed professional trader called Mike is providing trade setups on a weekly basis.

These trade setups and suggestions are not very specific on what a trader should do. They just provide generic notes which shade an overview of a stock’s behavior and what can be expected then and in the coming days. I have pulled an example of those trade recommendations and put it in form of a quote.

So we got the *easy* bounce back to the 50-day moving average. This now looks like the 50 DMA will become resistance. Of course, in this market environment one (seemingly) bullish tweet can send the market flying, so I won’t put too much faith in the technicals acting like the *should*.

That is the kind of stuff that Mike’s notes provides to subscribers of Swing Trade Bot and I am wondering what a newbie trader is supposed to do with this style of market commentary. You go figure.

Swing Trade Bot Recent signals, IPOS feature

This section provides signals that were traded in the last 24 hours or so. Traders/investors can see the specific stocks/ETFs that were traded and whether those markets were bullish, bearish or ranging.

List of Recent IPOs  NYSE  NASDAQ  AMEX  SwingTradeBot

SwingTrade Bot pricing plans

The platform offers 3 plans namely Silver, Gold and Platinum. Silver plan is free but with an intent to make traders upgrade to Gold plan which costs $13.95 per month or $119.95 per year.

The Platinum plan costs $19.95 per month or $159.95 per year. The free plan gives access to one watchlist, portfolio, weekly email updates of portfolio and watchlist and market scans once a day. Basic market scan filtering is also provided but results cannot be exported to a .csv file.

The other two plans provide generous access to the features offered by the Silver plan.


The SwingTradeBot platform can be an ideal resource for advanced stock traders who are already trading profitably even without this platform. However, not your average stock trader trying to make gains by taking signals and trading them can actually make money consistently.

While it offers a vast array of useful market information, SwingTradeBot fails to address the problem of new traders not knowing what to do with this information and that’s where managed trading accounts come in. If you want to invest in the Forex, stocks, Crypto or ETFs markets, managed trading accounts can be the way to go especially if you don’t want the hustles and bustles of actively engaging with the financial markets. Stock trading is not a simple business.