Starwood Asset Management Fund Review: It is a Scam

Starwood Asset Management Fund Review: It is a Scam

Starwood Asset Management Fund has been placed in the black list by the FCA. The website claims that they are transparent with their customers and are working with experienced traders to consistently grow our investments. But this does not seem to be the case.

The site which can be found on this domain, is quite suspicious due to the nature of how they operate.

Also, if we factor in the latest issue where the FCA warned investors that it is unregulated and risky to invest with, we find that Starwood Asset Management Fund is just trying to feign professionalism and honesty when they are just a scam.

I’ve already observed the operations of this website and according to their claims, I cannot doubt anymore that this is a shady investment manager with fake 20 years of operation.

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Their head fund manager, Eddie Contreraz, is also anonymous. No pictures or linked In profiles were included in the introduction. We are only told that he has 2 years of experience in the fund management business, but who is this anonymous man? No one has an idea. Only Starwood Asset Management Fund can answer this question.

Starwood Asset Management Fund Review

The reason why the FCA was involved in this is because the site where Starwood Asset Management Fund is hosted at is not based in Texas as claimed on the footer of their sales page. It is possibly based in the UK, hence the FCA’s input.

Starwood Asset Management Fund review

They are giving us a Texas physical address which seems fake. The site provides a phone number and a chat functionality just in case visitors who arrive on the site want to engage them.

They claim that their investment approach involves statistical arbitrage and wealth accumulation, and they believe that they can experience exponential growth through these approaches.

The site claims that their investment managers are trading Forex, Crude oil, Gold and NYSE but we do not have any proof on the site that this is the case.

They also claim that Starwood Asset Management Fund has bespoke investment infrastructure such as ECN trading environment, tier one banks and pricing all inclusive in the deal.

In addition to this, the site tells us that their staff are upholding core values such as transparency, integrity and simplicity. However, when I look at the site, the first thing that I notice is that they do not have transparency at all.

For instance, they don’t reveal their trading performance, the amount that we need to invest with them and many similar details.

Trading methodology

Starwood Asset Management Fund describe their entry and exit strategies in the market.

They claim that they are aiming for 20 to 30 pips per day and are having strict rules which include no trading at night, during weekends or major news announcements.

If you have traded Forex before, you will know that no one has direct control over how fast the market will move to hit the 20 or 30 pips take profit target.

It might decide to do so the day after or even after 2 days. Unless we close the trade in a loss or in a small profit, we are obliged to wait for the market to do its thing.

For entries, Starwood Asset Management Fund claims that they do analyze multiple intraday time frames before confirming the trend. They use an indicator called Traders Dynamic Index. Most of these indicators are useless though as they can never be any accurate compared to Forex trading robots that are programmed to analyze the market effectively

For their exit strategy, they seek to identify signs of diminished momentum and whether there is the presence of reversal candlesticks and other indicators which signal reversal patterns.

I appreciate this explanation very much. But telling us these things and putting them into practice and demonstrating successful trading using them is the main issue.

I’ve encountered this with many scam investment managers, who are big with words but no action to justify what they are telling the masses.

Starwood Asset Management Fund reviews

Worse still, there are no customer reviews or feedback to approve what this investment manager is telling us.

If they will stay in the market any longer, it is my belief that these client testimonials will start to show up on Google and I guarantee you that they won’t be positive.


Starwood Asset Management Fund looks like a risky place to invest in. Having been blacklisted by the FCA, we cannot have any trust in them. The site is also lying about their actual location, which is extremely bad.

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Drop your comments below if you have an experience with this site. Otherwise, thanks for reading this Starwood Asset Management Fund review.

Starwood Asset Management Fund


Starwood Asset Management Fund has been blacklisted by the FCA. Their actual location is possibly hidden while the site lies that they are in Texas. No trading results to justify their alleged trading prowess.

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