Spectre.ai Review: Brokerless Trading at Spectre

Welcome to the Spectre trading review, a platform that has introduced a bold concept of brokerless trading and believes that they can revolutionize the industry by enabling trading of options and CFDs in their Spectre’s pool of liquidity.

In the Spectre trading ecosystem, we do not have to deal with shady brokers because everything on the platform runs on the Ethereum Blockchain network.

The Ethereum smart contract governs all aspects related to trading which include transactions, outcomes and even payouts.

The advantage is that the trading experience will become more transparent and free from fraudulent activities which are commonly witnessed with shady brokers.

Spectre.ai is also offering traders the opportunity to try their hands on Smart Options, which is a new type of trading contract class where payouts can be as high as 200%.

Smart Contracts are traded on the usual Forex pairs and other assets as well.

Additionally, Spectre.ai is offering A-Book FX trading as well. This is more of a traditional brokerage feature. So I do not understand why exactly this feature is included.

Spectre ai ico

There seems to be a wide range of assets to trade on the Spectre.ai. These include the usual Forex pairs, stocks, Cryptocurrencies, Bonds, ETFs and much more.

The downside, however, is that Spectre.ai is not letting US traders use their platform. Hopefully, this might chance if regulations finally allow it, and that might take some time.

Spectre.Ai Review

I am going to focus mainly on the features offered by Spectre because I feel that the concept is quite unique.

These features also double up as advantages, and my interest is on finding out if the idea is practical and whether the trading community is ready for this kind of approach.

Spectre.Ai Review – how does it work?

Trading is based on the Ethereum Smart Contracts and since we are talking blockchain things here, it means trades cannot be altered or interfered with by creating fake price spikes to make traders lose.

Wheres this platform allows trading against each other, majority of the orders are routed into the Spectre liquidity pool.

Now, this is how beautiful this technology is. I tend to believe that the liquidity pool is the element that assumes broker functions on the platform.

Spectre.ai review

Spectre platform

The Spectre liquidity pool handles all aspects of trading which include taking risks and issuing payouts, thus giving us a high level of transparency in the way transactions happen on the platform.

The other potential advantage that Spectre is giving us with their Smart Contract is that sending or receiving payouts will be quick and efficient since this mechanism allows sending and receiving of funds without human intervention to potentially delay or even deny transactions.

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Spectre.Ai Review – how do they make money?

They tell us that their earning mechanism is based on the volume of trades placed on the platform.

In addition to this, they tell us that unlike traditional brokers who employ ”pests” for account managers and sales people, Spectre does not have these people in their team, and that means they won’t add any unnecessary cost to your trading.

Spectre ai Smart CFDs fees

The above table is a Google spreadsheet highlighting their fees for various assets in comparison with competitors.

For option trading on the platform, the fees are as follows:

1 Creators of Spectre take 2% of the value of the trade.

2 Token holders get 2% which is distributed to them by the platform.

Since trading is generally a zero sum game, a trader who wins will make the pool suffer a loss. On the other hand, if they lose the contract, the pool gains.

If we were to trade in this platform for a period of 1 year, Spectre management would take 30% while 70% would be distributed among token holders.

This setup only ensures that there is no conflict of interest between Spectre and their users since they can’t influence the pool or their user’s trades.

Spectre.Ai Review – things to know

This project got up its knees by getting funded with an ICO. There was a time when the phrase ”Spectre ICO review” was very popular on Google.

People simply wanted to know whether the platform’s ICO was profitable to invest in.

An ICO is basically a new way of crowd funding where investors buy tokens. But this is different from an IPO since investors are not acquiring a part of ownership for the company. They are just buying tokens which they can use later to generate returns if sold back into fiat currency.

It is important to note that there are two different types of tokens on this platform. These are called SXUT and SXDT.

The difference is that SXUT provides traders with the benefit of low fees and higher payouts when trading options.

SXDT, on the other hand, acts like shares where investors holding SXDT will earn dividends regularly depending on the profitability of the project.

These tokens are already listed on various exchanges like Crex24,  EtherDelta,  IDEX, and many more. If you want to transact in those exchanges, you must be owning Ethereum.

At this time, I do not want to comment on the viability of investing in any of these tokens, but if you want to get involved, I recommend catching up with them on their YouTube channel where they frequently post updates.

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I think SPECTRE is a revolutionary idea and it has the potential to be disruptive in the trading industry.

However, challenges are more than likely to come because not every potential trader is comfortable with the idea, thanks to the Ethereum-only environment.

Another thing is that they are likely to suffer some regulatory hurdles along the way.

I hear that the company is currently exploring ways to acquire a license, and their ultimate goal and hope is that they would be licensed by the FCA.

The way I see it is that they will be mostly targeting HODL traders who have Ethereum and would like to trade the financial markets regularly.

As to whether or not the current Forex brokers clients‘ will shift to brokeless trading is another story altogether.

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