Skill Incubator Review: Don’t Trust Rocky Darius & Chris Dunn


A very popular website by the name Skill Incubator (owned by Rocky Darius and Chris Dunn) caught my attention, hence it provoked me to write this review.

After some in-depth analysis of the alleged Cryptocurrency-trading mastery course offered by this site for FREE, I discovered that this was nothing more than a scam project, aimed at snatching Bitcoins from naive people with some Bitcoins to throw away.

The other reason why I had to write this review is because Rocky Darius and Chris Dunn are very controversial people.

When I looked at Rocky Darius’ twitter profile here, I stopped for a moment and thought in my head that a gentleman of this character and with no track record of trading success can’t possibly be a Cryptocurrency trading mentor.

I was immediately under the impression that this nerd was only interested in collecting more Bitcoins to buy more cigarettes and live a lifestyle that I can only compare to that of a teenage boy trying to discover drugs.

Chris Dunn CryptoHustle skillincubator scam or legit Twitter profile

The accusation that has been directed towards Rocky Darius and Chris Dunn are sickening.

I’m not a hater. But I can’t believe that some people are still sending Bitcoins to the man you’re seeing in the screenshot above.

Secondly, the site has been blasted for claiming that they offer a free Cryptocurrency-trading mastery course when the fact of the matter is that they are selling this Cryptocurrency-trading mastery course for 1500 bucks.

There is no genuine Cryptocurrency trading course here. No teaching, learning, Trading room, etc. Instead, there is only collecting of Bitcoin deposits.

That does not make Skill Incubator any different from sites like Hashing24, Bitcoin Doubler, and so on.

Skill Incubator Bitcoin trading room and training

The only thing I love about Rocky Darius and his partner in crime, Chris Dunn, is that they have mastered the art of selling and appealing to the masses.

It’s for that reason that Skill Incubator is popular yet controversial at the same time.

You see, Rocky Darius claims that he is passionate about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency trading. He even goes ahead to state that he works as a full time trader, analyst and investor of Cryptocurrencies.

On the other hand, Chris Dunn claims that he is an educator, an entrepreneur and founder of Skill Incubator.

Indeed such a glowing professional profile would attract the attention of someone looking to learn how to invest in Cryptocurrencies.

The problem with this duo is that both of them don’t have a verified track record of trading success.

But of course both of them have an excellent, proven track record of constantly falling in the category of top-tier salesmen.

If I was to do a Rocky Darius review, I would give him a 5 star for being so good at selling ice cream to Eskimos.

However, the problem is that this review is about their Cryptocurrency-trading mastery course which some people have ordered and received nothing after sending their precious Bitcoins.

Aside from this, Chris Dunn is selling a trading product for $5000. The product in question does not have a proven foundation or strategy.

Chris Dunn operates a trading room too. The problem is that this trading room doesn’t have any live trading activities. It is just a simple chat room.

The same applies to Skill Incubator trading room which literally does not exist.

Now, if these two salesmen who are in charge of Skill Incubator can’t produce verified records of their alleged investments in Cryptocurrencies, do you think they can help you become a successful Bitcoin investor?

Do you think that the so-called Cryptocurrency trading mastery course will be of any help to you, and especially now that you’re buying it for an undisclosed price?

Skill Incubator doesn’t announce the price in advance. They only tell you that it’s free only for you to discover much later than the alleged Cryptocurrency trading mastery course costs $1500.

Chris Dunn: Skill Incubator Bitcoin business empire

In 2013, Chris Dunn founded This was changed to The Bitcoin Academy which later morphed into what we now recognize as

ChrisDunn skillincubator bitcoin

To me, that pattern suggests that this guy was only trying to take advantage of the current Bitcoin craze so he could cash in some more money while it lasted

So he quickly put together a ”Cryptocurrency trading mastery course” and decided to sell it at SkillIncubator.

You might be wondering why this guy kept changing his website’s names.

The answer is quite simple: when Bitcoin moved from $10 to $1000 in 2013, Chris took advantage of his entrepreneurial skills and developed his so-called Cryptocurrency trading mastery course which he now sells for $1500 or more.

When Skill Incubator was Bitcoin Trading Academy, he simply setup a landing page with a notification asking visitors to join his list of subscribers.

To someone who has no experience in this industry, this might have looked like an innocent move.

But according to me, Chris was only using the site to see whether interest in Bitcoin would skyrocket in response to the huge spike in its price.

Finally, this salesman has also been associated with several Bitcoin hype sites such as Bitcoin Wealth Alliance and More Bitcoins.

Others things you might not know about Skill Incubator Bitcoin and its owner

He once owned too. The domain was quickly changed to

EminiAcademy first appeared on the internet back in 2009. The site used to sell a special collection of ”magic indicators”, trading tutorials and an online trading room too.

The total cost of having Chris training you at EminiAcademy used to be $4,990.

A deep research reveals that a host of complaints mounted against this trading academy, thus tarnishing the name of this salesman.

So this is the primary reason why Chris Dunn has been owning dozens of sites and changing them into something else the moment his reputation is screwed.

SkillIncubator Bitcoin and complaints

When someone has a reputation of launching dozens of sites that end up disappearing later on or redirecting into other domains, it could only mean one thing: that the person responsible for these sites is evading detection.

Chris Dunn and Rocky Darius are phony characters as it has already been proved by complaints from people who sent money to purchase a Cryptocurrency trading mastery course which they never received anyway.

One of their customers sent me an email narrating how they lost money to Skill Incubator after getting tricked by a YouTube video of a guy who had allegedly made 50 000£ from 484$.

This is the landing page of the alleged Cryptocurrency trading mastery course.

It’s nothing more than a cashcow where Chris and Rocky Darius are collecting deposits and going quiet on victims afterwards.

After signing up using the link above, this particular customer was pitched an 8-Week-Cryptocurrency-Trading InvestingBootcamp worth $1,997.00.

Because he loved the idea and the presentation in general, he was redirected to this page and asked to pay $1,997 in Bitcoin instead of $2,997.

The Bitcoin wallet where this customer made a deposit to used to be hosted at CoinBase. That account (which is associated with Skill Incubator is no longer available.

skill incubator rocky darius bitcoin account at coinbase

This customer further wrote countless emails to [email protected] to demand why he had not been given the link for downloading the course material. He has never received a response to this day.

My advice

Rocky Darius Cryptocurrency trading is scam. Chris Dunn’s Skill Incubator or whatever name you want to call them is nothing but hot air.

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