Review: Signal Start Scam Alert!


This Signal Start review is written from the perspective of a trader looking to buy signals from established providers. If you are a signal provider looking for whether or not you should join this company, this review is not for you.

Having made it clear, let’s delve into what this company is.

Signal Start advertises its platform as a one-stop-shop signal service for professional signal providers and their followers.

The monthly service fee for Signal Start users is $25 but I suspect there is an extra cost involved when utilizing the signals of a provider. is quite popular in the United States since it receives the most traffic from this region of the world.

I’m going to provide a review and let you know whether or not this site is worth the hype.

Signal Start review

Signal Start makes their business model crystal clear. As a trader looking to follow a signal provider, you will sign up and start combing through a network of verified signal providers on the platform.

signal start review

Apart from the monthly service fee of $25 which you are paying to Signal Start company, you will also be required to subscribe at a cost of between $50-$75 per month if you decide to follow the services of their subscribers.

Each providers has their own pricing. So I just provided the average cost for monthly subscription which shouldn’t go beyond $75.

The reason why Signal Start is charging a flat fee every month is because they are selling a service which lets you access a network of verified signal providers on their platform.

signal start

So even if you fail to pick any signal provider whom you want to follow, you will still pay the standard fee anyway.

On the other hand, signal providers go to this platform because they think there is a lot of potential to find customers there.

In return, they pay Signal Start company 30% of their profits. With regards to the features that this site offers to providers and their consumers, I learn that this is a fully-hosted service with a robust signal-copying technology, intuitive interface and support for a variety of Forex brokers.

Signal Start review – How to find diamond in the rough

In a signal market place like this, you are bound to find scams. Yes, even if they are verified signal sellers, they will cheat you through manipulation tactics.

Although Signal Start may be having a good business model, this is designed to help them cash in on the needs of Forex traders out there.

Ultimately, you as the consumer of these signals will need to investigate the list of signal providers you want to subscribe to.

The number one rule is to avoid signal providers with inflated returns and high risk profile.

The second rule is to avoid traders who keep depositing and withdrawing money from their accounts. They exploit a bug or manipulate results in some way, hence giving the impression that they are profitable.

When you go with these rules, you stand a chance of finding diamond in the rough, but it can take a long time. If you’re not willing to invest time, energy and money on this trial and error, consider subscribing for our signals here to make your work easier.