Review – How Legit Is Signal Profits?


Welcome to the review. Signal Profits is also owned and operated by the same admin at

This is a flashy and very persuading website. Signal Profits claims that they can help us trade like professionals without spending hours analyzing the charts.

They are selling Cryptocurrency trading signals under 3 different plans. 14 day trial comes at a cost of $7, and there is a monthly fee which is $197 (billed semi-annually) and $297 (billed per month).

Signal profits claims that users will receive copy paste signals every morning if they subscribe.

Is this thing genuine or scam? review

To see how Signal Profits works, they are encouraging us to sign up with our email to explore more.

But this appears to be nothing more than a tactic for collecting visitor email addresses so they can dispatch marketing content into their inbox.

For the sake of writing this review, we decided to sign up with a fake email address.

This action redirected us to the inside page where Signal Profits reveals more details about their product such as pricing, win rate of their signals and so on.

The information is quite shallow, and there is no proof to back the alleged past performance in the last 60 days.

If you’re looking for a decent Cryptocurrency trading bot, go here. review – details of the product

The main promise here is that trading like a professional has never been easy.

The service is basically set up in such a way that subscribers will receive signals in their phone so they can ”copy-paste” them.

All the analysis is done by their ”professional analysts” so we do not have to miss a trade and probably join late when the signal has advanced.

There is absolutely no information about the signal provider or their professionals and the kind of experience they have in this marketplace. leaves it to the imagination of the subscriber, and yet these details are very important to publish when writing a review like this one.

I don’t know whether there are real professionals involved since the domain owner is also anonymous.

This is quite an issue even with some of the reviews I have done here, including Crypto Signals X,, The Calloway software, Crypto Signals Software and many more. review – are they scam?

One thing you have to know is that if you are going to trust just about anyone who promises Cryptocurrency signals, you will always face the risk of losing your funds.

In the case of, they are telling us that their signals have a win rate of 67%.

They are also showing us some randomly organized screenshots of their alleged signals performance.

In one example, Signal Profits claimed that they made 358% returns in 20 days. In another absurd example, they claimed that they made 339% in 9 days.

These screenshots are not verified results, and am in no position to confirm the authenticity of these so-called trading signals.

Signal Profits performance

Remember that this kind of result can easily be manipulated. If Signal Profits was legit, they would have simply used a more credible way of sharing results.

Screenshots just don’t convince, plus the kind of returns which they are showing us in those screenshots are too good to be true.

So is definitely a scam, and an expensive one. review – the conclusion

Even if I wanted to endorse these guys, it would be very hard for me to do so when the owner of this operation and his team are anonymous.

I personally don’t feel comfortable working with a signals service that is refraining from proving their past performance. The figures which they are giving us as returns are quite absurd.

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