Scalpian V2 Review: Forex EA at a Scam?


Welcome to the Scalpian V2 review. The developer of the Scalpian V-2 Forex EA robot claims that they have optimized this automated Forex trading system to generate 5% returns a day.

By saying so, they are setting very high standards for this product, and I am already wondering if they will be able to prove it using a verified myfxbook account.

The developer of the Scalpian V-2 Forex EA robot is completely anonymous. They’ve only integrated a contact form on the sales page and published an email which can be used to reach them.

Having said this, I am interested in the specific details of the EA. Ultimately, I would love to see a verified myfxbook account from this developer.

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Scalpian V-2 Forex EA Review

I have looked at the developer’s website for details of the robot and learned that the Scalpian V2 robot is optimized for pairs like EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY and GBPJPY.

According to the developer, the Scalpian V2 Forex robot uses a trend following strategy, which ensures that it will win many trades and lose a few.

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It is equipped with many trend indicators to enable it pick the signals as soon as trends begin to form.

For best results, the developer says that traders must use true ECN brokers. They are not endorsing specific brokers, although they claim that Pepperstone, Tickmill, FXOpen and ICmarkets are real ECN brokers.

The minimum deposit for the Scalpian V2 Forex robot is $10 for Micro accounts and $1000 for standard accounts.

The developer also promises free future updates and 24/7 customer support.

Basically, that’s all that the developer is telling us about the Scalpian V2 Forex robot.

Is this information sufficient enough to help us make an informed decision on whether or not the Scalpian EA is a good investment? I don’t think so.

In fact, I still wanted to peruse the site to see what else they wanted to tell us about the robot.

Scalpian V2 Review – breakdown of the robot’s details

There are 3 licenses which cost $300, $600 and $999 respectively. These licenses will give access to 1 MT4 live account, 5 MT4 live accounts and unlimited MT4 accounts respectively.

scalpian ea licenses

The developer says that these prices are one off payment and that once traders have made a purchase, they can enjoy all the benefits that come with using Scalpian V2 EA like 24/7 customer support and lifetime use of the robot.

Scalpian V2 EA Review – any myfxbook results?

Unfortunately, it was disappointing to see that such a highly priced Forex robot did not have a myfxbook account to justify the price for which it is retailing for.

In the ”EA results” tab on the navigation menu, the developer is only showing us a screenshot of an MT4 chart. This chart does not prove anything, and shouldn’t be used as proof of trading performance.

It’s the same predicament that Euro Scalper Pro suffered when the developer refused to create a myfxbook account and even went ahead to blackmail us.

The bottom line is that Scalpian V2’s developer has no trading results to justify the robot and its pricing.

My recommendation is that this developer should create a myfxbook account and begin tracking the performance of this robot even if it means doing it on a demo account.

Scalpian V2 Review – the conclusion

I wouldn’t recommend this robot at all. Having seen that the developer is not eager to prove the trading performance or even explain to us why we need to invest in this robot, the best decision to make would be avoid this Forex robot at all cost.

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