Samba Binary Options Review – Scam with 100% Evidence!


Samba Binary Options is an investment service where your money is supposed to be tripled in no time since the promised monthly ROI is 160%. On the other hand, the accuracy of their signals is not very clear since Samba Binary Options website states that this figure is at 778%.

Am actually confused with the above statement because win rate is never quoted as a 3-figure percentage.

Moreover, this investment service does not make it clear whether or not they have traded binary options successfully. Alleged track record is not to be treated as evidence that Samba Binary Options is a profitable investment opportunity.

Anyway, in this review, we will be looking into what this investment service provides and whether or not it’s the real deal.

samba binary options scam

Samba Binary Options Review

Copy-trading is the main service offered here, although the website also claims that they will deliver trading signals to you if you choose to go this way.

But the problem with these two statements is that we still don’t trust that these guys have what it takes to make us successful as binary options investors.

At least would have given us some records of what they have been doing for other traders as far as managed account services are concerned.

This evidence or proof is not provided anywhere on that website. There is simply no track record to back their claims. In my opinion, this is a red flag and a strong indication that you will not get value for your money.

What trading strategies does Samba Binary Options implement?

Again, the explanation which Samba Binary Options gives us is not so convincing because it isn’t backed by demonstration or evidence.

The website only uses vague terminology such as ”We are always
one step ahead of our everyone, we use strategies and trading software
that work not yesterday, but today unlike most of the services that try
to copy us.”

Honestly, that isn’t a valid explanation as far as the answer to what trading strategies they are using is concerned. As a matter of fact, the above sentence does not communicate any meaningful explanation as to what strategies Samba Binary Options is using. Am afraid that this is actually not going to end well if you ignore the tell tale signs and send your money to them.

100% risk-free trading strategy: A Hoax, believe me

Is there any trading system that can make money without subjecting your account to some risks?

We’d like to invite guys at Samba Binary Options to come here and explain what they mean by 100% risk-free trading.

If they don’t show up, then I will just go ahead and use it as another red flag that this service is a scam.

How much profit do they take away from your trades?

Now that this service says that it will trade on your behalf, my next question becomes: how much are they going to deduct from every successful trade placed by them (if at all this service trades and makes money for its clients)?

Apparently, nowhere is this information published on the website. It is therefore unclear how much Samba Binary Options is intending to deduct from your trades.

In fact, this is the first thing that the website ought to have told its customers. But since this information is not highlighted anyway, I presume that this service is only taking investors for a ride. You are in for surprises if you don’t avoid them.

Details of the owner of Samba Binary Options

Before giving my hard-earned money to the so-called fund managers or professional asset managers at Samba, I’d like to know who’s behind this service.

However, according to this website, the service is headed by a man named Paulo Santos. The problem is that this man appears to be an imposter. The real Paulo Santos has a linkedIn profile which can be accessed here.

Also, I have captured 2 screenshots of their faces. The one at Samba Binary Options website is a stock photo and the other one is a real person who has links with the investment banking industry. His profile says so.

 Paulo Santos is an investment banker, not related to samba binary options
fake Paulo Santos of samba binary options
Notice the fake Paulo Santos of Samba Binary Options on the left

Now, this is irrefutable evidence that this website is not reliable, and should never be trusted. Claims that Samba Binary Options has inside intelligence to give them an edge is a big fat lie. The fact that they are using stock photos should tell you that these are internet crooks as opposed to real traders.

As if these lies were not enough, this website decided to tag along 2 other imposters to give an impression that this asset management entity is headed by an experienced team of traders.

Believe you me, Nick Roach and Mitch Skolnik are mere stock photos. It seems that the scammer who operates Samba Binary Options is the same person behind a previously launched scam called Mambo Investments. You can get the hint on the above image.

Conclusion of the matter

The truth is that these internet crooks don’t have what it takes to manage your account or deliver winning binary options signals to your account. You must therefore avoid them at all cost.

Strong evidence links Samba Binary Options to Mambo Investments. The two entities belong to one faceless individual whose aim is to collect money from unsuspecting victims. Avoid.