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What a student, a housewife, and a retired person have in common? All of these categories don’t have much time or ability to work permanently. Getting a passive income seems like the perfect option for them. It could be difficult to buy real estate to that end, taking into account a huge amount of money required. As for other options, trading on Forex can become a great source of passive income since it doesn’t need massive investment to start. You might wonder why we consider trading to be passive work if it requires learning and active actions. And you would be right, as it used to, but now there are ways to facilitate this process with the help of AI.

Note: In case you want to try other Forex robots, my advice is that you should check out this list of trading resources.

AI is an Artificial Intelligence, like a robot or just a program. In this particular case, there is a Forex robot that can do trading instead of you.

Here are some obvious benefits of using a Forex robot for this kind of job:

  • you don’t perform any work, just enjoy profits;
  • you don’t need any knowledge or trading experience;
  • you don’t waste precious time managing the robot.

There are quite a few Forex robots on the market; however, just 2-3 of them have been on the market for a while, that is for more than 5-7 years. You can easily check this fact just by surfing the web. Among these services, RoFx (Robot Forex Trading) is one of the biggest and oldest ones. It has some undoubtful benefits, but we’ll get to that later.

Platform Review

Let’s start this RoFx review with observing their platform. This service has a website – – with quite a user-friendly interface. You can check out information about the tool, AI, trading reports, news, etc. If you scroll down to the footer of the page, you will see that they’ve been on the market for 10 years. There is also valuable information about their privacy policy, risk disclosure and Public Offer Agreement for service users. It’s freely available and transparent, so you can read it before signing up.

About the Product offered by

The Forex robot this platform offers is a fully automated trading solution, based on AI and managed by a group of software engineers and traders. They have different packages for each level of users, depending on the amount of your deposit and preferred trading period. Daily profit of the service is currently 0.38%, while their monthly gains amount up to 10%. But the best part is a moneyback guarantee in case of a bad market situation or any other losses associated with the AI trading.

Packages Characteristics

 There are about 7 different packages. They all have different advisor types, timeframes and recommended deposit levels. You can choose from 3 types of currencies: USD, EURO and BTC. If you want to use Bitcoin, RoFx has one of the best prices on the market and only one-day Bitcoin funding. All the packages require different initial deposits, starting from $1,000 and so on ad infinitum. The bigger the deposit, the lower the performance fee. An additional useful feature is a Profit Margin Calculator, where you can calculate your trade gains by just inserting your deposit amount.

Here is the image with the list of available packages: review

Also, there is one additional package, called VIP PAMM. It has only 15% of performance fee and an unlimited trading period combined with the following benefits:

  1. possibility to withdraw funds at any time (including the deposit);
  2. opening a fully managed account with any brokerage;
  3. total control over your assets;
  4. your 85% share in the daily profit.

Trading Strategy of “FXrobot”

Now, when you have all the information about the platform and available packages, let’s get into more technical stuff. How does the system work?

The automated Forex system uses an algorithm that analyses the market, the trading history and different factors that may affect a trading situation. Also, there is the whole team of experienced specialists to support the Forex robot and ensure that everything goes as planned.

The RoFx robot technology stands out because it is built on self-learning neural networks. In the beginning, experts give the program some basic knowledge about trading and mathematical data needed for successful work. After this, the network continues learning, simultaneously improving its efficiency and performance by applying various strategies.

Trading Results for

If you still have doubts concerning the efficiency of this service, you can check out the “Trading reports category” on the website. It contains profit charts by year, month and even by day. They also prove, that it’s not a RoFx scam but a real working company. trading results

Plus, when you register, you get your own account, MyFxbook, where you can check your progress and trading operations in a real-time mode. If you notice some negative results, you can ask for loss coverage, which is covered from reserve funds.

Customers Reviews

We truly believe that when making serious decisions, especially concerning money, you need to evaluate all pros and cons and read real users’ reviews in the first place. The following pictures show the customer reviews on RoFx, so you can be 100% sure that RoFx is not a scam.

rofx reviews reviews

As you can, these few clients have been using the service for quite some time, and they are satisfied with the results, while one of them even became a VIP client. Few negative reviews found on the web are mostly about their deposit amount.


By the end of this article, you have probably learned what are both RoFx and Forex robots as well as how they can make your life easier. Here are some additional features that will help you make up your mind about the service:

  • no downloads needed;
  • simple interface;
  • available bank transfers;
  • accepts Visa/MasterCard
  • accepts Bitcoin

Among the disadvantages, you might find relatively high deposits (starting from $1000) and performance fees. But the more you make, the smaller it gets.

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