Revix Review: Is Profitable Crypto Investing?


Welcome to the Revix review. Revix is a Cryptocurrency investment platform for those who want to control their own Crypto portfolio without involving financial experts. They claim that their Crypto index fund has outperformed investment in Bitcoin by 109% between January 2016 and December 2018. It is hard to verify this data because the platform has not disclosed detailed information of how they measured this performance and arrived at this conclusion.

They claim that with Revix, one can ”own” 80% of the Crypto market without any financial expertise.

The platform offers ”bundles” which basically mean a collection of the top-performing Cryptocurrencies across various industries.

These include Top 10 bundle, Payment bundle, Platform bundle and Privacy bundle respectively. Later on, we will get into details of what these bundles entail and whether or not they are the real deal as far as investment in Cryptocurrencies with Revix is concerned.

In the meantime, investors looking for a profitable Crypto trading account can use the services provided by this website. Even though Revix claims that their idea is the best in terms of safety, this Crypto managed account provider has been able to consistently generate stable returns for their investors using a combination of arbitrage trading with technical analysis… and of course they state on their site that they rely so much on insider information from traders in Wall Street, London, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Revix review

First of all, Revix is a startup investment firm. They claim that their site was made available to investors in South Africa but is incorporated in the UK. This did not make a lot of sense to me because I just couldn’t figure out why company operators decided to incorporate it in UK while their present market focus is in South Africa.

revix review

Their main selling point is diversification of Cryptocurrency assets, safety of clients funds, hustle-free investing and real-time tracking of portfolio.

The automated Crypto bundles let investors own 80% of the Crypto market which makes investing simple even for the novice although they claim that the platform Revix is designed for professional investors too.

Once you make a deposit to this platform, they claim that it will go to an offline storage which is protected with bank-grade security. This deposit can be withdrawn any time if an investor wishes to take their money out of this platform.

Revix Crypto Bundles

Revix Crypto bundles are based on practical blockchain technologies in industries and sectors like payment, governance and internet. The Crypto start up claims that these are the most promising blockchain areas that can help improve investor’s portfolio as they have practical day to day usage.

(a) The Top 10 bundle

This is the Crypto bundle that is alleged to have outperformed Bitcoin by 109% in 2 years. On a risk-adjusted basis, it allegedly outperformed Bitcoin with a 71.13% higher sharpe ratio.

It contains the top 10 largest Cryptocurrencies, equally-weighed and rebalanced on a monthly basis. Revix claims that the Top 10 bundle provides investors with more than 80% to the Cryptocurrency market.

(b) The Payment bundle

This bundle focuses on Cryptocurrencies that make payment efficient. It focuses on 5 largest Cryptocurrencies for payment which are equally weighed and rebalanced monthly.

(c) Revix Platform Bundle

This blockchain technology is designed to improve inefficient systems, processes as well as governance structures. Like the payment bundle, it consists of 5 different Cryptocurrencies which are equally-weighed and rebalanced every month.

(d) Privacy Bundle

The company has included 5 different Cryptocurrencies in this bundle which are aimed to protect the right to privacy on the internet. This consists of 5 Cryptocurrencies which are equally-weighed and rebalanced every 30 days.

We’ve seen this kind of thing with companies like Ember Fund and the question is whether or not this kind of Crypto investing can be profitable to every investor out there.

Things to consider before you join Revix

The minimum investment is 500 South African Rand or $30 approximately. The company claims that they have teamed up with the best global Crypto exchanges and are able to buy Cryptocurrency at the cheapest price.

revix top 10 cryptocurrency

When you purchase any of their bundles, you own the underlying asset. When price increases, you make a profit and when price drops, you make a loss. It is more or less the same as regular trading of Cryptocurrency assets.

You have to consider the fees charged by Revix. They only charge fees for rebalancing which is 0.17% per month, 1% trading fees (when you want to buy or sell your bundle) and withdrawal fees of $1.96 (standard fee) for all amounts below 13,000 USD.

Fees are quite affordable compared to similar Cryptocurrency investment services. This could be considered a plus.

It also appears that this company just launched their operations the other day. There are not so many reviews on the internet and so I have no idea who is using this platform and whether they are making a profit.

Furthermore, Revix claims that their Crypto index fund has out-performed traditional buying and holding of Bitcoin between 2016 and 2018. I don’t know how they took this measurement, plus this data cannot be verified.


It appears that I will be updating this Revix review as soon as investor feedback start to show up on the internet. I will also be looking to invest a small amount to test whether I can consistently make returns as claimed on their website. In the meantime, I reserve at least 20% of my portfolio to this Crypto managed account. You should consider investing there as well.