U-Crypto Review: Innovative Cryptocurrency Trading Scam



U-crypto is a mediocre brokerage with expensive spreads and no regulators license but masquerading as the perfect place for trading Cryptocurrencies in CFDs. Avoid. Those who are looking for trading resources can consult this page meanwhile.

Pros: Attractive website
Cons: Expensive spreads, not regulated and reputation is also unknown

As I write this U-Crypto review, there are at least 4 reviews on Google which describe all the negative aspects of this scam, U Crypto. It seems people cannot trust this platform at all, and that’s certainly the case with me too. I have exposed so many scams here before, and U-Crypto is just a fresh addition into the list of Crypto currency brokerages you shouldn’t trust.

Therefore, before I expose this filthy brokerage that appears to prey on your money and nothing else, I’d like to offer you some resources which I believe are useful for your trading experience.

And you could also invest in a decent Cryptocurrency trading bot if you desire to start trading Bitcoin and altcoin pairs like I have always done in the past.

That said, I believe most of you looking for legit trading tools are already covered.

And how about learning to trade? This Forex and Cryptocurrency trading course has the best concept and trading strategy. Find out.

U-crypto Review

U-Crypto offers an Ireland-based phone number (+353 1 9610079 ) on their site which could hint that they have a presence in Ireland. But again nothing is sure about rogue off-shore Crypto currency brokerages. They know how to fake things out.

U-crypto review

On their about us page, U-Crypto presents us with two certificates, one from a supposed financial regulator and the other from pro.coinbase.com, certifying that they are in partnership with this entity.

Take note of the domain Pro-coinbase.com. It is not the legit Coinbase that you and me know of. This is a rogue version of Coinbase which was created by scammers. So U-Crypto is telling us that they have been endorsed by their fellow scammers. So far, so good!

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