TSFX EA Review: Best Martingale EA or Scam?



TSFX EA is a Martingale trading robot. These can blow up your account in a matter of days. Although trading results are published on two statement sharing platforms Myfxbook and FXblue, there are lots of discrepancies. Therefore, it’s better to pick a robot that has proven and outstanding trading performance.

Pros: Live trading performance from Myfxbook and FXblue
Cons: Anonymous developer and data sample at Myfxbook is very small.

I’m reviewing a Martingale EA known as TSFX expert advisor. The Forex robot can be found at tsfx.online, a website that was anonymously created in November 2016 with the intention of selling copies of the TSFX EA.

Welcome to the TSFX EA review. The developer describes this Forex robot as having been designed with 2 Martingale algorithms at the core of its trading logic where orders are closed with reference to account balance and risk.

The strategy development team has apparently designed the TSFX EA to ”painlessly” exit draw down through an internal Martingale strategy that maximizes gains while the external Martingale strategy is equalizing and limiting the internal Martingale from large draw downs which may result from a large number of orders.

This description is quite cumbersome and it was my wish that the developer would have broken it down into smaller chunks that are easier to digest.

The developer of TSFX EA does not provide a physical address, only an email address at the footer of the site which can be used to reach them if there is need to.


Martingale systems are inherently risky since they have been shown time and again to cause harm to several trading accounts.

In fact, Martingale strategies are likened to gambling because of the way they open multiple orders at once and if the unexpected happens, the accounts suffers a major blow.

For that reason, I always implore the campforex.com community to use these Forex trading systems because they are more stable and all of them come with proven results.

TSFX EA Review

An experienced Forex trader like me will easily try very much to avoid a Martingale-based trading system regardless of whether it is viewed as a safe Martingale trading system or not.

The TSFX EA team has a 14-day trial and they seem to be confident in how their system will handle risks and draw downs that come with the core trading strategies that have been incorporated into this system.

Free trials are very rare in this market place. Some of the robots I have reviewed here include Dara Trade, FX Street Robot, EOS Forex EA and many more.

They don’t offer their clients free trials and at the same time their developers aren’t giving us a sufficient chance to analyze the performance of their robots through audited trading statements on myfxbook.com.

One reassurance that they give us is that once we install the TSFX EA, it won’t require any extra action from us as it will automatically re-adjust risks according to our account balance.

Is this Martingale system any different from the rest that we have seen in the Forex market place before?

To figure out the answer to that question, I had to take a quick look at their performance analysis to determine whether TSFX EA is a little different from the losers.

But first, these are the details of TSFX EA

The EA comes with two different pricing models. For $249, we get a license for 1 live account and free unlimited future updates. For $499, we get 3 live accounts and free unlimited future updates.

The robot relies on the 15 minute time frame and is optimized for USDJPY but can trade other pairs as well.

Trading results

The developer has provided screenshots with links to their Myfxbook and FXblue accounts respectively.

TSFX ea myfxbook

However, their myfxbook account is still new as it was created in October 2018 and has gained +13.59% with an overall draw down of 18%.