Mia491.com Review: Mizhi platform and Cypmiainc.com Scam!

Mia491 and Cypmia Inc


Mia491 and Cypmia Inc are scams utilizing a shell company in Australia and New Zealand. Antonio Ferez and his accomplices appear to be nothing but puppets of the real scammers in Malaysia. Avoid this like the plague. If you want to trade Foreign exchange, use these Forex trading resources.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Antonio Ferez has zero track record of trading performance, Mia491 and Cypmiainc are ponzi schemes operated by Malaysian scammers

Welcome to the mia491.com review. Mia491.com is the same thing as Cypmiainc.com because both sites are owned and operated by Antonio Ferez.

On the website where Mizhi platform is being promoted at, Ferez is presented in a heavily photo-shopped picture to give the impression that he is a filthy rich and stylish young guy. Where does his money come from? It allegedly comes from trading Forex and the Gold market.

Mia491 and Cypmiainc.com states that Ferez is a macroeconomics analyst who is also a Foreign Exchange expert in Southeast Asia. He claims to have worked for UK Financial Institutions as well as those based in America.

Ferez of Mia491 has allegedly accumulated a lot of experience in practical trading, and is one of the most sought after financial advisors to many venture capital institutions.

Through Mizhi platform, he believes that he can gain a significant edge in the Asian Foreign Exchange market place.

However, Mia491 continues to claim that in 2007, Ferez earned his first bucket of Gold from the stock market. He was just 25 years of age. The website goes on to claim that he managed to multiply his investments by 57 times based on his business acumen as well as professional handling of trading capital.

By no means should we take these claims lightly because we have heard and seen many trading gurus making similar claims only for us to investigate further and realize that they are frauds.

The main problem with Ferez and any of his websites (Mia491 and Cypmiainc.com) is that beyond the promotional materials appearing on those sites, there is zero digital footprint that verifies this professional trading profile.

If the owner of Mia 491 or Cypmiainc.com is claiming to be famous in the world of macroeconomics and foreign exchange circles, we should just Google the name Antonio Ferez and instantly see his biography and professional footprints, right?

But this is not the case. On the same note, Antonio Ferez seems to be a real person as you can see on this Twitter profile. You can see what he was up to between the years 2012 and 2014 respectively.

The only issue that I have is that I can’t seem to ignore the big question mark about his supposed professional background. So I won’t be shocked that this is yet another fake trading guru with no verified trading performance.

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