Managed Forex Ltd Review: Scam or Legit?

Companies like Blue Trading provide a verified performance record of 19% a month. You can read this review to find out.

Trading strategy for Managed Forex Ltd

They are using a strategy which is described as 100% automated Metatrader 4 algo. According to the sales page, this strategy was created to trade specific assets while keeping in mind money management practices.

managed forex ltd

The strategy was developed in 8 steps. These include formulation, preliminary testing, Specification in computer-testable form, optimization, assessment of performance and robustness, trading of the strategy, monitoring of the performance, optimization and refinement and evolution.

Whereas this description sounds detailed, the exact trading strategy has not been revealed. But the good thing is that Managed Forex Ltd claims that clients will be taught via Skype or email how to use the trading software.

Managed Forex Ltd review – break down

The strategy is algorithm-based. The company does not charge any management fees but instead charges a performance fee. Any account that is equivalent to €25,000 or even €250,000 will attract  a performance fee of 25%. However, if the account is greater than €250,000, then performance fee becomes 20%.

However, if planning to open an account with less than €25,000, you’d need to first contact them because there is no fees listed for accounts that are below that amount.

In my judgement, the smaller the account, the more the performance fees. So an account worth €5,000 would easily attract 30% which can be prohibitive if that is the case.

Managed Forex Ltd Performance fees

Myfxbook results are not readily available because traders need to send an email to request them. I am not sure why the company is not revealing these results up front when they should be giving us a link on their homepage.

What they have provided us with is a screenshot of their alleged Myfxbook account. I tried searching the system/user on myfxbook and nothing came up. This is very strange indeed because I was expecting to see this account.


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