Managed Forex Ltd Review: Scam or Legit?

Managed Forex Ltd is a managed Forex account service focused on providing traders with automated MT4 trading tools. They are apparently looking to provide traders with ”impactful trades” and ”high returns”. In addition to this, Managed Forex Ltd claims that their trading systems use institutional class expert advisors. This is supposed to help traders take advantage of the team’s experience, knowledge and even professionalism.

According to the physical address provided on the website, Managed Forex Ltd appears to be based out of the UK. A UK phone number has also been provided for purposes of reaching their team in case customers need to speak to one of their agents.

The CEO of Managed Forex Ltd is called Greg Hay while the senior trader and HR are introduced as Kyle Hay and Ian Wallace respectively.

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Welcome to the Managed Forex Ltd review

The sales page claims that Managed Forex Ltd is achieving 3 very important elements that other fund managers fail in terribly. One of the things mentioned here is that the company is accepting a minimum deposit of €5,000.

This depends with how you see it and whether or not you can afford that deposit. But all in all, my opinion is that this amount is quite high compared to fund managers that work with clients for as little as €3,000.

The second most important element for Managed Forex Ltd is transparency of fees. They claim that all fees are disclosed and if there is anything else, one of their representatives will be glad to engage you on phone or email to elaborate further.

This is much like TopStepFX’s operation where they promise their clients transparency.

Thirdly, Managed Forex Ltd is promising its clients competitive returns. According to the sales page, monthly returns are 4.5% while draw down is 20%.


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