Kryptonex Research Group Review: Laughable Scam

Kryptonex Research Group


Kryptonex Research Group is a scam trying to fool investors that Sweden’s government, in a bid to launch their digital currency, e-Krona, has endorsed Kryptonex coin. Avoid like the plague. If you want to invest in Cryptocurrencies, contact us here for the latest ICOs worth investing in. We issue monthly reports for $39/month.

Pros: Nothing good
Cons: Lies and misleading statements. Anonymous fraudsters collaborating with thieving brokers.

The fake news page for Coinvest looked like this:

coinvest Kryptonex scam

Now, the real Coindesk website:


This copy paste job is meant to fool you into believing that this is a credible investing opportunity. All texts and links were redirecting to the Kryptonex scam website before it went offline.

Kryptonex Research Group review – what is the conclusion?

Kryptonex is trying to appeal to those who are willing to invest in the country’s new Crypto currency but have little time to do their own due diligence.

They are looking to prey on the ignorance of these people by making them believe that price will grow exponentially, thanks to the government of Sweden endorsing the coin which Kryptonex scam is also endorsing.

If you invest in this kind of coin, you will definitely lose your money. It is not legit just like Plus Token and all the rest.

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