James Harrison Mia Trader – Who is James Harrison?

James Harrison Mia Trader


James Harrison, Mia Trader is actually a fictitious character. This puppet is the creation of FintechFX, which is equally a dubious brokerage. To make money, get a license from any of these product developers.

Pros: Nothing positive
Cons: James Harrison is fictitious, Mia 491 is a scam, FintechFX is equally dubious

Well, James Harrison is a very controversial character. He is linked to another equally controversial brokerage and MLM called FintechFX and Mia491 respectively.

The phases ”James Harrison Mia Trader” came to be popular on search engines simply because Mia 491 claims that they invest funds of their customers through their trader, James Harrison.

On the other hand, James Harrison claims that he is an independent partner of FintechFX.

FintechFX claims to be regulated in Australia by the ASIC. However, there is no way this can be true when the site has zero traffic from Australia and all evidence pointing to the possibility that FintechFX is based in Indonesia/Malaysia.

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James Harrison Mia Trader

While James Harrison teams up with Mia491 MLM scam to swindle investors of thousands of dollars, he also runs a separate website called james-harrison-system.com.

James Harrison review

James Harrison System website is allegedly offering a copy trading service while claiming that they are the best copy traders in the market.

Through their collaboration with MIA FinTechFx, they entice Forex investors to deposit funds with the suspicious broker so that those clients can copy trade the James Harrison system.

This is quite different from how Mia 491 works because in this MLM scheme, investors are tricked into funding their accounts on the promise of a specific daily or monthly ROI.

Mia 491 does not give investors control over their funds as they claim that these will be automatically traded at Mia FinTechFX brokerage and returns can be cashed out at any time. This is something similar to a hedge fund.