Review: and bitmaincryptotrade are Scams and

Summary and are scam websites masquerading as legit brokerage. You must avoid these sites. If you want to trade Forex, use these regulated brokers and find yourself a decent Forex robot or trading signal provider.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Not regulated entities, no trading results to support their signals products, chat not active throughout and owner is anonymous and are separate websites which use the same content to promote the agenda of the anonymous scam admin. This review is actually going to expose FX Option and Bitmain Crypto Trade while making it clear that anyone who uses any of these two sites for their trading will lose money.

First of all, ownership of FX Option and Bitmain Crypto Trade cannot be established. The two sites were registered anonymously in August 2018, so they are actually very new.

Note: and offer trader education and signals as well. Don’t trust them. If you’re looking for trading signals, subscribe here or join the community of traders to learn.

Secondly, these two sites and are operating like brokerage because they are offering trading in CFDs, Forex, Stocks and Crypto currencies in One Touch. They allegedly have over 200 assets for trading.

fxoption scam

On the Bitmain Crypto Trade website. they claim that Bitmain Crypto Trade is regulated by the CySEC and are allegedly using top cyber security software to protect their clients accounts.

There is no about us page in both websites, and the scammer appears to be a lazy individual who wants to make a quick buck from the ignorant trader who cannot spot the red flags a mile away.

Both sites share the same contact and address. They’ve listed down two phone numbers ( (+1) 206 4600-034) and ((+44) 748 003-9240) and a postal address which suggests that they are based in the US. The address in question is PO Box 515381, Los Angeles, CA 90051-6681, US.

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