Forex Spectre Review: Profitable or Scam?

Forex Spectre EA


Forex Spectre EA achieves impressive results of 5% a month. But developer is deceiving us on the 3000% monthly gain claim. Additionally, draw down is very high. Stick to these Forex trading robots instead.

Pros: Verified myfxbook account, Refund Policy and backtests dating back to 14 years.
Cons: Deceptive gains, no trading strategy revealed and there is zero client feedback.

Forex Spectre (they have nothing to do with is a robot designed to trade Forex. The developer says it’s ultra-profitable, stable in any market condition, super reliable and automatically customized. I don’t know what they mean by saying automatically customized because this statement sounds vague.

The developer believes that Forex Spectre EA is a super profitable Forex system and even shows us a strategy tester report dating back to 14 years ago.

At the footer of the website, Forex Spectre claims that this product was developed by Fx-Builder Company. I believe that this company also has another website called, which is the official domain where the company sells other well-known Forex robots like FX Stabilizer, FX Charger, FX Secret and FX Builder.

Each one of these products have their own sales pages. But I have also realized that Forex Spectre EA is the only product that is not listed on this company’s website. So I may be right or wrong about this assumption that FX-Builder Company is also the owner of Forex Spectre EA.

Whatever the case, I believe that it is the responsibility of this developer to tell us who they are because if they don’t, somebody like me will easily believe that the lack of transparency is due to something extremely fishy or even rotten.

In the meantime, my recommendation is to visit this page and sign up with a Forex robot that pleases you.

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