Review: and bitmaincryptotrade are Scams

Review: and bitmaincryptotrade are Scams and are separate websites which use the same content to promote the agenda of the anonymous scam admin. This review is actually going to expose FX Option and Bitmain Crypto Trade while making it clear that anyone who uses any of these two sites for their trading will lose money.

First of all, ownership of FX Option and Bitmain Crypto Trade cannot be established. The two sites were registered anonymously in August 2018, so they are actually very new.

Note: and offer trader education and signals as well. Don’t trust them. If you’re looking for trading signals, subscribe here or join the community of traders to learn.

Secondly, these two sites and are operating like brokerage because they are offering trading in CFDs, Forex, Stocks and Crypto currencies in One Touch. They allegedly have over 200 assets for trading.

fxoption scam

On the Bitmain Crypto Trade website. they claim that Bitmain Crypto Trade is regulated by the CySEC and are allegedly using top cyber security software to protect their clients accounts.

There is no about us page in both websites, and the scammer appears to be a lazy individual who wants to make a quick buck from the ignorant trader who cannot spot the red flags a mile away.

Both sites share the same contact and address. They’ve listed down two phone numbers ( (+1) 206 4600-034) and ((+44) 748 003-9240) and a postal address which suggests that they are based in the US. The address in question is PO Box 515381, Los Angeles, CA 90051-6681, US.

To contact the anonymous admin, users can contact them using the provided contact form on the website or make use of their live chat feature. I tried asking a few questions from the chat and got no response. Scammers don’t like being asked inquisitive questions, and I guess that’s the reason the cabal didn’t respond. If not, this ”live chat” is not manned at all. and Bitmain Crypto Trade Review

When you visit these two domains, it will be obvious that something is wrong. Even sites that are owned by the same company or entity do not copy paste content word for one from one of their site to the other.

Also, there is no way user statistics can be the same for two different websites. This looks like dummy data. FX Option claims that they have over 6000 registered traders. Bitmain Crypto Trade also makes similar claims.

In addition to that, they share the same marketing video where a certain dude is seen teaching the basics of trading Forex using support and resistance. The dude does not seem confident enough about what he is teaching.

fxoption review

An experienced trader like me will definitely know that the guy has no hands on experience in trading and is just rehashing what is available freely on the internet. The speaker is disconnected from the topic, which makes me conclude that the real scammer (not the puppet in the video) hired someone from Fiverr and paid them a couple of dollars to do talk about Forex trading.

FX Option and Bitmain Crypto Trade account types

Both sites share the same account types, and the minimum that you can open a trading account with is $500 or $15,000 for the account with the most features. There are 6 different trading accounts in both sites. These include Basic, Classic, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Most of these trading accounts offer some form of training and trading signals as well. In addition to that. FX Option and Bitmain Crypto Trade offers risk free trading accounts.

It is not clear what they mean by risk-free trading but if it’s something to do with insured trading where the broker covers part or all of our losses, then this is another red flag and a sure proof that both FXoption and Bitmain Crypto Trade are scams.

In addition to this, FX Option and BitmainCryptoTrade are offering trading signals for those who would like to use this product. There are no past performance in either sites. We can’t verify the performance of their signals and yet the sites are demanding a bigger deposit in order to access accounts that are eligible for this feature.

This is yet another red flag and an indicator that FXOption and Bitmain Crypto Trade are scams. They don’t have trading records, I certainly don’t expect scammers to produce evidence of live trading. It is simply not there.

Dormant accounts are deleted within 24 hours of inactivity

There is a warning at the bottom of FXoption and Bitmain Crypto Trade that if traders sign up and fail to trade within 24 hours, their accounts will be deleted.

Neither does FX Option nor Bitmain Crypto Trade tell traders whether they will be able to recover their deposits if such an unfortunate event happens.

Another thing is that this rule is trying to force traders to engage the market even if there is nothing to trade. It is the right of a trader who is the consumer and client of a broker to trade when they want to and if they don’t want to, it is still their right to withdraw all their money from the platform.

This is actually one of the reasons you are told to only trade with licensed and regulated brokers, not scams like FX Option and Bitmain Crypto Trade. Your rights as a client will not be protected, and you will definitely lose money.

Bitmain Crypto Trade and FXoption reviews

No client reviews yet, which is an indication that the user stats which they are showing on their site are false. A broker with 6,000 clients will garner enough reviews and customer feedback. But these two don’t have.


Never be tempted to trade with either of the two, and Chances that you will lose your money is 100%.

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Summary and are scam websites masquerading as legit brokerage. You must avoid these sites. If you want to trade Forex, use these regulated brokers and find yourself a decent Forex robot or trading signal provider.

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