Renegade Trader Review: Scam Alert


The carnival barker, Mark Deaton, and his latest incarnation, Renegade Trader are promising a Powerful Options strategy which generates $1000 per week out of small $50 trades. is one of the many suspicious investment advice websites owned and operated by this charlatan.

We’ve actually lost count of the number of websites he owns. Nonetheless, the look and feel of the Renegade Trader website can give you a better idea of how his other ”secret-formula” investment websites look like.

In this Renegade Trader review, we are focusing on the questionable reputation of Mark Deaton.

If you’ve never heard about Mark Deaton, it’s because you are probably getting into trading for the first time.

This is the time to read this unbiased Renegade Trader review to learn who he is and why we are criticizing him.

Mark is popular for bombarding YouTube with ads that promise viewers financial freedom.

Renegade Trader review

This time, YouTube guys will be happy because he spends on ads to channel his financial nonsense into the heads of his victims.

And what is more, Mark has also decided to sell an ”FDA-approved” drug that heals all kinds of abdominal ailments. I wonder how a supposed trading guru can all of a sudden turn into a medical expert, selling pills.

I hope you can see that this is your typical quack. A carnival barker like Mark Deaton will most likely prey on your credit card. So keep it far away.

Renegade Trader review

Mark has a brand new ”secret ingredient” for making wealth instantly.

He calls it  “The Rainmaker Options Trading Method.”

Mark claims that very very long time ago, some investors found a secret trading formula for options which they used to turn $1,600 to 200 Million USD overnight.

Renegade Trader scam

Mark Deaton has apparently discovered this mystical ”options trading formula” and wants to sell it to you for the price of $795 only.

There are also other upsells involved along the way. Can you believe this? You will have spent $795 on a ”secret formula” and at the same time forking out more money on upsells.

Renegade Trader review: how a $500 account can make millions overnight

With this secret options trading formula, a $500 account can make thousands of dollars per week in profits.

He claims that the ”secret formula” churns out dollars like clockwork.

Moreover, this trading formula has 80%-100% win rate and that guys are getting richer everyday because they are using this secret.

Mark knows that the financially vulnerable are always looking to turn a small account into a big account overnight. That is why the sales pitch is appealing to this group of people.

I’m sure you’ve heard this kind of sales pitch before. It is no surprise that the same secret is being used on the Renegade Trader website to lure the financially desperate.

What disturbs me as I write this Renegade Trader review is Mark’s very shady past.

Mark Deaton’s past sins

Mark Deaton acquired a website called CandleStick Genius. This link suggests that the website is now defunct.

Candlestick Genius was established back in 2006 and was selling ”The innermost Candlestick secrets” that no man has ever discovered.

The lunatic soon acquired another website called Commodity Tycoon. Obviously the website is now defunct but according to Mark, the secret formula he claimed to sell would shock Wall Street folks as it generated 45% returns every week.

Soon people discovered that Mark was a con and not a genius really. So he acquired Blue Collar Millionaire. Blue Collar Millionaire was another scam that promised to find a profitable trade every 20 seconds.

It was claimed that members were earning between $5000 and $10,000 extra each week.

Folks …..  let’s keep discussing Mark Deaton of Renegade Trader because it’s so much fun talking about him.

We got introduced to another secret trading formula called Bollinger Band Jackpot. It claimed that traders could hit the jackpot as they wished because the system conquered every market.

A tiny account could rack up 86% returns every week, claimed the website.

It had an accuracy rate of 90% – according to Mark. Money was not going to be a problem if you purchased the Bollinger Band Jackpot.

Other websites soon followed. They are all defunct today.

But this ”magician” also ventured into the pills selling business where he promised to help people cut down on weight or treat their intestinal maladies.

Mark created another ”secret pill”, FDA-approved called SuperZyme XP. Don’t swallow it because it’s clear this pill is being administered by a quack doctor, Mark Deaton.

Renegade Trader – any evidence of trading?

Renegade Trader can be the most powerful trading formula if Mark provided evidence that substantiates his claims.

Before we wrote this Renegade Trader review, we decided to ask Mark whether he was a trader.

After all, a good trader keeps his records and even if he is careless, his broker will keep them for him. We asked Mark whether he could produce his brokerage statement and as you can imagine, he replied that he was not sharing this information with anyone.

When we begged him to provide a track record of his past trades for the week, he claimed that he never keeps a track record since they can be easily manipulated.


Now you know that Mark Deaton and his Renegade Trader website are a setup to rip you off a cool $795. You shouldn’t spend that much on a trading product with no reputation. In fact, Renegade Trader is just one of his many websites that will disappear a few months from now.

Of course there are a few good trading products around. Check out this list. You won’t break the bank but rest assured results will be far much better than those you could achieve with the scam secret formula that Renegade Trader sells for $795.