Redbrook Financial Management Review


Welcome to the Redbrook Financial Management review. RedBrook Financial Management is not a regulated Fund Management company. The financial regulator CSSF recently warned that Redbrook Financial Management is not authorized to solicit funds from the public with the intention of investing them in stocks, bonds, securities, property, currencies or ETFs.

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The official website is hosted on the domain and is listing the address 124 boulevard de la Pétrusse, L-2330 Luxembourg as their physical location.

However, domain registration details on are contrary to the listed address on the official website. According to, Redbrook Financial Management domain is operating out of 14455 N. Hayden Road, Arizona, which is obviously contradicting to what we know about this company.

Ownership is not disclosed on the site in the same way their domain is privately registered. Through a portfolio manager, the company is offering personalized investment advisory service in the area of equities, Forex, stocks, bonds, currencies and hedge fund trading.

Additionally, Redbrook Financial Management is claiming to offer a variety of investing services which include growth accounts, strategic long-term accounts, income accounts and statistical arbitrage accounts.

To contact the operators, a support email has been provided at [email protected]. However, there is no phone number anywhere, which begs the question of which legit fund manager is not providing phone support out there?

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Redbrook Financial Management review

The site’s homepage tells us that they are the gateway to the global markets.

The website also reveals that they are looking to take advantage of market volatility and momentum trading to buy stocks in the long term when they rise and sell as soon as they show signs of falling.

They claim that the best hedge funds out there are always testing and implementing trading strategies based on statistical arbitrage. Algorithmic trading, arbitrage trading, trading before index fund re-balancing, mean reversion and scalping are the techniques which Redbrook Financial management claims to use in generating returns for their clients.

It is one thing to make these marketing declarations but it’s quite another to implement and use them to make verifiable returns. Does Redbrook Financial management has a success track record of investing their clients’ portfolio into these markets? Of course not.

Redbrook Financial management Review – trading performance and fees

Trading performance and fees goes hand in hand. The minimum deposit is £1000. They also claim that a 1% admin and management fees will be charged annually. In addition to that, they are going to charge an undisclosed fee based on watermark.

In my opinion, all fees and charges must be transparent. Clients deserve to know how much they’ll be charging if the profits are above the watermark.

In terms of trading performance, Redbrook Financial management does not have a past performance that can be verified. Lack of trading performance is a serious issue with some hedge funds that I have reviewed here like Nordhill Capital, Diamond Managed FX, Centre Forex and Pammmam.

Redbrook Financial management Review – the conclusion

Having been warned by the CSSF that this fund manager is not regulated, I think it would be prudent to stay away from them.

The other issue that is seemingly disturbing is the fact that this portfolio manager has no trading results to showcase their work, thus we cannot be sure if their alleged performance on the S&P 500 benchmark is real.

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