Quickmining Review: Quickmining.io Is Scam and a Big Rip Off


Quickmining.io is a scam Bitcoin mining operation. If you have been thinking about purchasing a mining plan from Quick Mining, you probably should think twice. Masquerading as a legit cloud mining operation, Quickmining scam has managed to deceive hundreds of naive and inexperienced internet users. In fact, the site used to be called Multimining.website. Then it changed to Quickmining.io, although the original version of the site is still live, active and continuing to scam users who are desperately looking for legit Bitcoin mining platforms.

My appeal to you and everyone looking to mine Bitcoin and other altcoins is to stay away from Quickmining. If you want to mine with legit Bitcoin mining sites, I have listed them here for you to choose.

Those sites are currently the most legit in this industry. I can attest to that fact with 100% confidence since I have been mining with some of them and have never missed a payout ever.

To learn more about why you must avoid Quick Mining platform at all cost, read this Quickmining Review. I just gathered facts to save you from losing whatever little Bitcoins you have lying somewhere in your wallet.

Quickmining Review: A Bitcoin investment hoax!

Before I wrote this Quick mining review, I looked at things such as user reviews, investment plans and features, evidence of the existence of their data centers and many other things.

According to the company’s FAQ page, Quick mining is totally risk free to invest with.

They also claim to have employed ”certified professionals” in various fields such as in Cryptocurrency mining, finance, security and blockchain technology.

I’d like to confirm that these professionals are 100% anonymous. I’d also want to confirm that despite Quick mining telling its audience that they are a risk-free investment destination, investors seeking to mine Bitcoin with them have lost their entire deposit without the chance of retrieving any portion of their funds.

The lack of transparency on the website is clearly disturbing. If you peruse the entire website of Quick mining, nowhere have they indicated that a 0.001 BTC ”maintenance fee” will be applicable when submitting a withdrawal request.

Quickmining Reviews

If you pay this amount to get your ”earned Bitcoins” from their system, you will get scammed twice.

Quickmining Review: completely anonymous website

The site does not inspire confidence at all, and it doesn’t feel like something you can recommend to your friends. I’m judging from the physical looks.

Note: These are the only Cryptocurrency cloud mining platforms which I can recommend.

They also claim Quick mining is offering top-notch support from ”real people”. But the truth is that these scammers don’t offer any kind of support.

The person in charge of this website or its operations is 100% anonymous. The so-called employees are equally anonymous with no means to trace them whatsoever.

Basically, this is a scam operation enjoying the anonymity that a private who.is registration is affording them.

You get your domain ”masked” for $10 a year.  It explains why you hardly see scammers exposing the owner of the domain on who.is.

Quickmining Reviews: Falsified user statistics

These are part and parcel of any scam. Quickmining portrays what may look like genuine payouts. If you pay attention long enough, you will discover that those blockchain transactions don’t change.

For example, the section that is labeled Leader Board: This week’s Top 5 winners, you will see that those transactions are always the same. They don’t change.

Quick mining knows very well that it’s tedious to pay attention to the cumbersome Blockchain transaction characters, and this discourages many people from verifying that information.quickmining payouts

Well, I went through the pain of verifying this data. I can assure you that this information never changes, thus proving to me that Quickmining is a scam BTC mining operation.

The same applies to the ”latest payout” statics. That information never changes, plus the site will never let us verify this information given that they are a fraud that enjoys the anonymity of Cryptocurrency operations.

Investment plans

Quick mining has 4 investment plans labeled Whale, Crab, Fish and Shark. Affiliate bonuses range from 30% to 100%. A typical investment plan at Quick mining is supposed to earn you 0.00288 BTC per day.

I can confirm that such a return is high and ridiculous. The site is basically luring you into a trap so that they can rob you of your deposit and ignore your emails afterwards.


Quickmining is such a stubborn website that will even mutate to something else when they feel like negative user reviews have tainted their reputation beyond repair. I believe that the anonymous owner of Quick mining is the same person owning Multimining.website scam. Just be watchful and never send money to these two websites.