Quantum Breaker Review: Is Quantumbreaker.com Scam?


The focus of today’s review is on this Forex indicator known as Quantum Breaker.

The developer says that Quantum Breaker delivers an amazing win rate of 87.73%, and that you can get it for free.

At this point, I begin to wonder why someone would promote a free Forex trading tool on the internet if it has such a high win rate?

It appears that the whole purpose of this sales page is to collect user emails for promotional purposes late on.

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And as long as this ”Free” Forex indicator will remain accessible to the public on the internet, this developer will not have any issues collecting as many email addresses as possible.

One thing I see on this website is that they indeed plan to launch a vigorous marketing campaign in the future.

To do so, they need to think critically and even use clever marketing strategies such us offering a free Forex trading tool in exchange for users’ email contact.

Yet this developer is anonymous and doesn’t even look like he is bothered by this. I also do not know which products they plan to promote in the future.

Digging deeper into this matter, one finds a physical address stated as 2220 Meridian Blvd, Minden, NV, 89423.

I was able to find this address on their subscription form. However, it did not convince me that this was their genuine email address since this landing page is protected through Who.is privacy guard.

Therefore, as far as this is concerned, I realize that the developer of Quantum Breaker doesn’t want to make his identity known to the public.

Review of the Quantum Breaker Forex indicator

First of all, when you visit the sales page (Quantumbreaker.com) where Quantum Breaker Forex indicator is being pitched at, you realize that it’s very simple. It is not informative, and thus you cannot make an informed judgement of whether or not to trust this Forex indicator’s decisions.

The simplistic nature of this website says that they are in this business to collect email addresses.

The website also claims that this indicator has a win rate of 87.73% and that it is valued at $299.

Quantum Breaker review win rate

Sadly, this developer is not able to provide reliable data for proving these numbers. So theses are just claims.

Moreover, the developer of Quantum Breaker system has not provided any trading results to prove what this Forex indicator is capable of doing.

Therefore, it’s absolutely wrong to promote this indicator using a win rate percentage which has not been tested yet.

Trading strategy for Quantum Breaker system

Again, there is no sufficient information given pertaining to the trading strategy of this Forex indicator.

quantum breaker no trading results

According to this developer, Quantum Breaker eliminates bad trades using qualitative evaluations. We do not know what this means.

Secondly, they talk of working with histogram to identify market momentum in good time.

And third, the developer says that Quantum Breaker system uses QQE and RSI principles to aid in its decision-making.

The actual truth is that Quantum Breaker does not have a real strategy for trading. I analyzed this statement and even tried reaching out to them — which was a futile effort because I was asking the hard questions.

Simply put: the manner in which these things affect the trading strategy of this Forex indicator is unknown.

What is more, the developer says that this indicator does not re-paint, and that it will catch market swings before they happen. Another ”advantage” which they tout on this website is that Quantum Breaker can trade all currency pairs in all time frames. Again, these are just claims which by now we are very used to.

Trading performance

The first thing that I normally check is trading results and reviews. In this case, Quantum Breaker doesn’t have any.

The good thing is that this indicator is free to download and use. This motivated me to actually download and test it on my demo account.

Quantum Breaker no tradingr results

The software works like any other Forex indicator on an MT4 chart. However, I encountered problems during the testing phase. I just didn’t have the time to test everything. I had problems finding out which currency pairs or time frames that this indicator would work best in.

Also, I figured out that this was the job of the developer to test and give traders this information.

Having said that, I think it’s worth pointing out that although this Forex indicator has the advantage of all software, it still requires more polishing.

The lack of trading results is a confidence killer. If this developer had provided their myfxbook results for testing, my work would have been easier because it would have been a matter of opening that page and analyzing results to see whether or not Quantum Breaker Forex indicator is profitable.

Wrapping up things

You cannot trust an empty website that tells you about a win rate of a Forex trading tool that hasn’t been tested yet.

I tested it myself and realized that this software needed polishing here and there. It is far from being a complete product, hence the reason why it is being offered for free.

The developer of Quantum Breaker system must go back to the drawing board and improve this software before putting it out there in the market, either for free or for a price.

Otherwise, traders won’t trust the product. It’s up to them to take heed of this advice.

Ultimately, you choose whether or not you want to use this software.

If you have discovered something else and would want me to add it here, please don’t hesitate to comment below or send an email directly to me. Thanks for reading this review.

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