Professional Forex and Crypto Mastery Trading Course


Learning how to trade forex profitably can take years. The learning curve is steep and can be very costly. My goal is to offer you a faster path to success by providing expert market insights and time-tested strategies. My Intensive Forex Trading Course is aimed to help one to start trading as soon as possible. Save years and thousands of dollars. You will learn from a professional Forex trader with 17+ years of experience. By learning to prove trading methods directly from the professionals themselves, you avoid years of needless struggle and wrong parts that only end up depleting your account and taking your dream away from you.

What I teach you is by far the most sophisticated trading approach you will find anywhere. I literally show you how to “read” the market in such a way as to eliminate losses from your daily trading. I teach you how to truly understand the market’s short-term behavior.

This course gives tactics and strategies not taught anywhere else. You will literally be able to trade circles around the others using those primitive techniques. Picking their pockets will become your past time.

All this for $199 only. 

This is the last training You will ever need. Guaranteed!

The Trading course is ideal for those who have tried trading for themselves without success or need more guidance on current global trends and trading ideas.

You will be surprised how quickly you can start to trade like a Pro.

trading course

What YOU Will Learn

  • How to trade forex contracts with low-risk strategies. This trading system works on any timeframe and any instrument.
  • Which time frame to trade.
  • How to interpret Price Action.
  • How to identify big traders.
  • How to spot and trade high-profit chart patterns.
  • How to find high probability Counter Trend trade setups using only one technical indicator.
  • How to set up market targets.
  • How and when to exit and take profits before YOUR winnings turn into losses.
  • How to implement a money management system that will help you preserve your capital, yet allow you to maximize your profits.

» Access to a members’ area (very important because this is a class)

» Weekly Q & A recorded sessions

» Lifetime updates of strategy and software (if this is involved).

Other interesting stuff

1) How to build a day trading career part time or full time.

2) Which are the best technical indicators to use in day trading and the indicator settings I use allowing you to customize standard indicators.

3) Clear and concise rules when to enter a trade.

4) Clear and concise rules when to take profits and exit a trade.

5) Clear and concise rules where to place stops.

6) How to master money management and limit your risk.

7) The precise methodology’s for identifying and trading with the trend and counter trend.

8) How to pinpoint market turns and changes in trend with a high degree of accuracy.

9) The best time frames to trade.

10) How to develop the mindset of an epic day trader. The psychology of the master day trader.

11) How to use my trade confirmation checklist.

12) How and why to use a trader’s journal.

13) How to stay focused and control the fear factor when trading.

14) How to make $$ when the market is going up or down.

15) How to recognize a change in trend and maximize your trade profit on the next trade.

You also receive:

  • Cheat Sheets for my top six strategies.
  • A copy my trading affirmations designed to assist you in becoming better focused and disciplined when trading.
  • My excel spreadsheet for calculating compound returns.
  • My trade rules and entry and exit plan in a word document so you may add additional information as required.
  • Sample trading plan in word so you may develop your personal trading plan.
  • Links to over 40 hours plus of recorded live trading and training sessions.

As you can see, this is a very detailed course. Once you make the payment, you will automatically be redirected to the appropriate product page.

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