Pro Signal Robot Review: is a Scam?


Pro Signal Robot is marketed as the most profitable binary options trading robot. The sales page which, can be found on tells us that this software produces trading signals with an accuracy rate of up to 94%.

Obviously, before we can believe these claims, there needs to be some kind of proof, and that’s where this review is heading to. In the meantime, you can take a look at this Forex trading robots/signals. They are currently the best that money can buy.

Pro Signal robot review

Although they claim that Pro Signal Robot is the real deal for those who trade on iQoption and other CFDs brokerages, we are of the opinion that this is in fact a regular scam.

You might ask how when the sales page looks legit and there seems to be nothing wrong with it.

pro signal robot review

Pro signal robot

Well, Pro Signal Robot is the same type of software that was used to scam gullible traders during the days when trading binary options was popular back in 2016.

They claim that the win rate of this robot is between 80-94% because it has a sophisticated algorithm that can only produce signals with that kind of accuracy.

In the real sense, the programming that goes behind this kind of software is shallow and lacks intelligence. As a matter of fact, Pro Signal Robot and many similar apps that claim to trade binary options are essentially generic trading apps known as ”white labels”.

A shady internet marketer buys a copy from a vendor who distributes them on the internet for a small fee. He then slaps his logo and custom design on the software and sells it like a new trading app.

For your information, Pro Signal Robot can also be used to trade Crypto currencies because the trading methodology is the same. The only problem is that every time you follow the advise of this software by pushing the Call or Put button, it will generate signals that can’t even reach 50% accuracy rate. So you will basically lose money regardless of whether you’re trading Forex or Cryptocurrency CFDs.

Pro Signal Robot red flags

There are 8 different licenses for purchasing this robot. You can buy it for $199 per month but if you want lifetime subscription, the vendor has a plan that costs between $499 and $4,999.

The lifetime licenses come with free updates and lifetime support. The difference is pricing is due to the number of PCs that the license can support.

We definitely have no idea why someone in their sane mind would want to order multiple licenses if they have not verified whether this robot can trade profitably.

Pro signal robot scam

This is one of those purchase decisions which you need to think twice about. You could go for the cheapest plan for testing it but who is ready to lose $199 for heaven sake?

We could give you trading signals for $199/month but remember there is a one week trial which gives you the chance to decide whether or not you want our signals. That’s fair compared to a scammer who wants you to spend $199 without testing first.

In short, there are no demos, trials and refunds. This alone is evidence that the software in question isn’t profitable. If these guys stayed on top of their game with a useful product, we are sure they would be offering trial by now.

What is the conclusion?

You must forget about the fake video evidence which they are showing us on their sales page. They just cherry-picked the best trades to show us for marketing purposes.

Where are the losses or instances where a trade went south? In trading you must have losses in as much as you generate profits. But what this video shows us is totally fake. So it means ProSignalRobot is a scam. Furthermore, binary options have been banned in many jurisdictions around the world. We advice you to avoid spending any money on this app. If you need good trading software, think about Forex, Commodities or Crypto currency trading. You can automate your trading with these recommended robots.