Price Action ltd Review: Scam Alert


Price Action Ltd is a Forex signal provider claiming to provide up to 4000 pips every month, winning at least 85% of the signals they call on their Telegram channel. There is much emphasis on consistency, simplicity and saving of money.

The Forex signal provider also relies on heavy advertising and social proof to try getting the attention of the trading community.

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Having said that, this Price Action ltd review will look at the various aspects of this signal service because it’s interesting to see that they have an aesthetically-cute website with subscription prices starting at $40 per month.

They claim that Price Action Ltd is managed by 15 professional traders. The service has allegedly existed for a couple of years but according to, I can see that the domain is only one year old. This is quite contrary to what they claim on their site that they’ve been providing signals with a consistent win rate for many years.

Price Action Ltd Forex signal provider is anonymous too as the team did not introduce themselves to traders. They just want traders to join their premium Telegram channel which delivers up to 8 top-quality signals everyday.

The only way to contact them would be through the live chat feature on their site. The signal provider is also offering free access to one of their Telegram channels where signals are cupped at 2 signals per day.

Is Price Action Ltd reliable enough? Is it worth spending time on the trial and ultimately upgrading to take advantage of the full service? We’ll take a look because we don’t want to think it’s a scam like Invest Tipster.

Price Action ltd review

PriceAction Forex ltd adapts a ”watch, follow and profit-together” mentality. They feel that the community should know that they are experts who work as a team in providing quality signals through their Telegram channels.

They’ve not provided insights on which specific pairs that they are frequently trading but they seem to want to convince the community to sign up on their free Telegram channel where they will provide up to 2 signals per day for trading.

It’s not clear whether PriceAction Forex ltd is providing unlimited free access to the free Telegram channel. I have seen some trading operations limiting the time frame under which traders can utilize their free signals. Mostly it’s 2 weeks of free trial and if a trader wishes to continue, they must purchase one of their packages.

Trading strategy of Price Action Forex Ltd

We’re in the dark as far as trading strategy is concerned. Their website does not address this issue at all and traders just have to hope that these traders are using price action to find entry signals in the market, thanks to the name

Even then, the term price action is quite broad and as traders who want to take advantage of this service, we need specific explanation of how this team is identifying what to trade and what not to trade.

This lack of transparency is a huge setback given that the team claims that their signals have a win rate of 85%.

Subscription plans for the Price Action ltd signals

The free telegram channel is of course free to use. The other Telegram channel where up to 8 signals are dispatched in a day require $40 per month if a trader wishes to test the service for one month.

However, other packages cost $90 (3 months), $150 (6 months) and $199 (12 months) respectively.

priceaction ltd plans

This is an affordable price range but one thing you have to ask yourself is why this service is so cheap compared to other premium Forex signal services.

I can’t imagine that for $90, one can let me trade their signals and make a lot of money for 3 months.

Moreover, I can see that the minimum recommended deposit is $200 and this is an indication that Price Action ltd is targeting new traders as opposed to established traders who have a big account balance to trade.

Trading performance

Again, Price action Forex ltd is quite disappointing as the signal vendor did not include verified third party trading results.

Instead of being transparent with their results, they’ve opted to show the community their trading performance using Telegram screenshots and I am not sure whether what I am seeing with my own eyes can be trusted as authentic trading performance.

I prefer that signal vendors should put their service on FXBlue, Myfxbook or use a redacted trading statement for the last 2 months to prove the legitimacy of their performance numbers.

Customer reviews/feedback

A big part of the website contains Telegram screenshots and other social proof elements in form of video testimonials.

price action forex ltd reviews

Again, I am not sure whether these videos can be trusted because they simply lack authenticity. The trading community cannot verify these traders and the statements they make regarding the profits they claim to have made using this signal service.

Also, Price Action Forex ltd is a relatively new service with no reviews on the internet at all. This is the first review to be published regarding the signal service and we hope you’ll use this article as a suitable platform to air your views and experiences.


Majority of the Forex signal providers out there are not transparent, and their win rate claims are quite absurd. Price Action Ltd has not verified their win rate plus no trading performance has been provided. They are only relying on social proof and the free Telegram channel to allow traders test the service.

If you must use this service, my recommendation is that you should at least consider testing their free signals on the Telegram channel for at least 2 months.

Otherwise, if you pay up right away, you risk losing your funds to a bogus signal service.