Point Zero Trading Review – Arthur’s PZ Trading, the EAs and Indicators

Point Zero Trading is a marketplace for MetaTrader 4 Forex EAs and indicators.

PZ Trading is owned and managed by Arthur, a man who claims to be a programmer of Forex indicators and EAs.

PZ Trading manages and maintains these YouTube, Facebook and Twitter pages.

In many occasions, Arthur has been involved in online brawls with industry rivals who claim that his Forex EAs and indicators are plagiarized and are against Copyright/DMCA laws.

In a Forex Peace Army confrontation with a guy called Scott Carney, it was claimed that Arthur of PZ trading was not the bona fide patent owner for one of the products he sells called Harmonic pattern.

While Scott Carney claims to be the authentic patent holder for Harmonic Pattern, Arthur maintains that he never plagiarized the indicator. He denies having received any copyright violation notice from Scott Carney.

Whether these accusations and claims hold water is something I cannot confirm. However, truth is stubborn, and truth has a way of revealing itself.

First of all, Arthur is not a Forex trader, but a programmer. He makes no effort to prove that his products work, other than a 7-day money back policy which he uses to convince potential clients that his Expert advisors and Forex indicators work.

False re-assurance? I’m not sure.

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Point Zero Trading Review

PZ Trading offers an assortment of trading products. The following is a list of Forex indicators sold through the PZ Trading domain or the MQL5 platform:

point zero trading review pz

  • Latency Arbitrage $499
  • Hedging EA $299
  • Averaging EA $299
  • PZ Grid Trading Pro EA $299
  • Day Trading EA $299
  • Local Trade Copier $299
  • Triangular Arbitrage $249
  • Stop Reverse EA $249
  • Other trading indicators FREE

PZ Trading EAs:

  • Trend Trading $299
  • Day Trading $299
  • Harmonacci Patterns $299
  • Swing Trading $249
  • Divergence Trading $249
  • Lopez Trend $199
  • Candlestick Patterns $149
  • Support Resistance $149

When a trader invests in any of these trading products, they are supposedly going to receive free updates, 24/7 support, quality assurance, uniqueness and flexibility

At the core of the complaints and threats received by Arthur are claims that he has been re-branding these products to escape copyright lawsuit.

At the time of writing this Point Zero Trading review, Arthur was giving a discount code because he claimed he was celebrating his birthday.

While Arthur continues to address the complaints and accusations brought against him in the public domains, there seems to be some truth which he is not openly confessing.

In a counter-accusation, he claims that his rival Scott Carney is an internet bully who is currently facing several pending legal suits, including a million dollar defamation suit where he tried blackmailing a website.

Scott Carney is currently raising funds through Go Fund Me platform in which he is seeking $50,000 in donations to settle a lawsuit filed by iMarketsLive.

The truth about PZ Trading

This smorgasbord of trading products sold by Arthur on his site, Point Zero Trading is controversial, notwithstanding the consequences of Scott Carney’s legal suits which directly depicts Arthur being right about his alleged internet bullying.

While the sales page of PZ Trading appears nothing short of outstanding, we cannot completely ignore the inability of Arthur to adhere to industry standards of selling his products to MT4 users.

The 7-day money back guarantee is indeed a good sales pitch. But if it cannot be implemented on all customers who demand a refund, it is useless.

Implementing this money back guarantee on the front-end while hiding the unfavorable fine print at the back obviously works to the advantage of the salesman.


What stands out most about PZ Trading is the fact that Arthur has cleverly been able to successfully dodge copyright issues with those who claim that their trading indicators were copied.

Scott Carney specifically took issue with the Harmonic Pattern Software which has since been renamed Harmonacci Patterns.

Let me make one confession …. I am a price action trader, and I’m not familiar with Harmonic Patterns. But I can assure you that a programmer is never a good trader. Unless they can copy a concept from a real trader, chances are that they’ll screw it up.

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