Plus Token Wallet Review: Scam at and Respectively


Welcome to the Plus Token Wallet review. The website is a partner/affiliate of, which is written in Korean/Chinese languages. But these two websites are promoting the same product – Plus Token Wallet.

The Plus Token Wallet cites the Co-founder as someone called ”Mr Leo”.

Mr. Leo is presenting himself in a small grainy photo wearing a baseball hat and standing behind a podium. There is nothing else about Mr. Lee on this website. So I treat him as 100% anonymous.

The domain where the opportunity is being promoted at was registered on 19th of September 2018 and the anonymous owner is fiercely promoting Plus Token Wallet in Asia.

The website is providing their roadmap in Chinese language. In addition to that, they are showing us a recent event held by Plus Token Wallet in Japan.

The website also tells us that they hosted a ”grand opening” one month ago in South Korea.

Word of advice: Make sure that you are not sucked into the scam by the lies that Plus Token Wallet is spewing. Purchase a decent Crypto currency trading bot and trade on your own.

In their latest news section, they claim that two Chinese guys recently joined the millionaire’s club courtesy of the Plus Token Wallet.

As you can see from the previously stated domain, you realize that there is nothing useful that the site is presenting to the visitor. It is pretty useless because even if you open the homepage, you will have nothing much to do.

plus token wallet scam

In fact, PL Token website only has generic blockchain stuff and nothing else. No company info, the people behind it or anything like that.

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Plus Token Wallet review

There is no product or service to sell here other than affiliate membership where members focus on recruiting others in order to earn 100% commission. This is definitely too good to be true.

The other lesson to get out of this Plus Token Wallet review is that the site is promising investors a ROI of between 6-18% per month which they claim will come from their app called AI- dogs arbitrage system and also from mining of Crypto currencies.

Monthly ROIs follow a uni-level compensation pattern, which is essentially how a ponzi scheme is supposed to distribute payment.

In a uni-level compensation structure, there are levels. The first level consists of one person who will then recruit others to join the second level.

Income from those at the bottom of the pyramid will be distributed up the ladder, with the last members having nothing to earn.

Wheres Plus Token Wallet can be used for free, there is one condition for reaping the benefits of the so-called AI- dogs arbitrage system. Investors need to put at least $500 into the wallet.

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Why Plus Token Wallet is a scam

The cover up behind this ponzi scheme is that they own an AI bot which participates in arbitrage Crypto trading. Mining of Crypto currencies is allegedly the other source of revenue for the company and its investors.

Plus Token Wallet fails to verify whether these two means of generating income are employed by the system to generate ROIs for their members.

In addition to that, the description that Plus Token Wallet is giving fits that of a ponzi scheme very well.

Plus Token Wallet mr leo

The question that I am asking Mr. Leo and his fellow criminals is really simple. If they could effortlessly generate 6-18% monthly ROI while also paying 100% affiliate commissions, why would they go about hustling internet randoms?

So far, the only verified source of income for this company is the affiliate who invests a certain amount into their wallet hoping that it will generate revenue at the end of the month.

The way Plus Token Wallet works is that investors need to download the app to transfer various Crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, PlusCoin and Dash to Mr. Leo and his team.

By the way, Pluscoin is a hybrid Crypto currency which only exists within the confines of Plus Token Wallet. PlusCoin is a trick which Plus Token Wallet scam uses to take real money in exchange for worthless coins which cost nothing to generate.

Next, members of the ponzi scheme are able to cash out as soon as a profit is registered in their wallet.

But this is how ponzi schemes work. Once withdrawals exceed deposits by new affiliates, reserves quickly dry up and the owner does a quick scam exit.

In the end, everyone loses their money except the inventor of the scam.

The closed-loop nature of this ponzi scam will unfortunately lead some people to think that the app which is currently touted by Plus Token Wallet is a legit investment app. So they are certainly going to throw in $500 and above only for the ”app to stop working”.

You should only understand one thing – that figures which are displayed on a screen by an app created by a ponzi scheme is not real money.

The second most important thing to remember is that the promise made by Plus Token Wallet that PlusCoin will go public does not suggest that the investment opportunity is legit.

The issue in this Plus Token Wallet review is that these anonymous guys are simply launching their worthless coins in order to scam people.

It is the number 1 rule written on every Cryptocurrency MLM scam playbook.

My advice is that you should see to it that you have not been sucked into this Asian-based Crypto Currency ponzi scam.


I see that Plus Token Wallet is going to convince many people using the clever trick which they have pulled.

You will see many ”millionaires” in China plus countless of events and ribbon ceremonies on stage. However, behind the stage, there will be real money being laundered for worthless coins, courtesy of the lie that Plus Token Wallet has an artificial intelligent robot that can generate up to 18% returns per month.

Note: If you want to invest, my advice is that you should search for a real Cryptocurrency trading bot and do the trading on your own. Don’t rely on a ponzi scheme for trading.