Pips Make Review – Where is the Performance?


Welcome to the Pips Make review. Pips Make is a site that sells Forex signals, chart analysis and a trade copier.

The reason this signal provider believes that their service is unique is because they are providing a 7 day free trial plan.

They are based out of Belgium on the physical address cited as N.V., Flexible Automation Division, Hoge Wei 27, B-1930 Zaventem.

Pips Make also claims to be the largest brand in the Forex signals marketplace.

It is not easy to prove these claims because this site isn’t quite popular, and there is no buzz around it either.

Additionally, the site claims to have entered the Forex signals marketplace in 2015.

The vendor has done a good job to publish their contact information on their website. The vendor can be reached on this Skype username skype:emran.hossen73 or via the support email [email protected]

Welcome to the Pips Make Review

I have reviewed most things in this website, and I can say that Pips Make isn’t a very professional website.

There are some spelling mistakes here and there, plus I can see odd advertising on some parts of the website.

Actually, those ads are leading to site ground webhosting, which is a very different topic altogether.

One of the most outstanding claims on this website is that their signals have a 90% win rate.

This is a very interesting claim because the vendor is setting a strict target which must be fulfilled in order for clients to take them seriously.

I cannot verify the claim that this site has over 1000 clients. If these numbers were real, Pips Make would certainly appear on major trading forums and also on review blogs.

But this is not the case. The service is quite unpopular as no one is talking about them. So the claim that Pips Make has over 1k clients is definitely misleading.

One of the things that clients will see on this website is that Pips Make will net at least 1200 pips per month.

Their trading strategy has not been disclosed. However, the vendor gives us a hint about their trading style. They claim that they are using a long-term trading approach taking into account high reward and low risk strategy.

Additionally, Pips Make also provides daily chart analysis and weekly Forecasts to help their clients understand what the market is doing.

I have already taken a look at these analysis in the images which the site is providing. While they are not in-depth, they are providing us with a clear oversight of their trading approach.

Pips Make Review – What do you get with this FX signal service?

There are two plans to choose from. The first plan lets traders test signals for one week free of charge.

pips make signals

The service provides manual trades, real time updates and 24/7 customer support.

If the trader is satisfied after using Pips Make for one week, they can upgrade for $100 per month.

This will unlock more features such as instant order execution, full functional manual trades, updates alert and 24/7 customer support.

Pips Make Review – trading performance

I don’t know about you. I’m finding it difficult believing signal vendors who don’t publish their trading performance on myfxbook.com.

This is the case with signal vendors such as Sky Pips, JkonFX and many more.

It’s certainly the case with Pips Make signals. They are providing us with a table showing their alleged trading performance starting July 2017 up to June 2018.

We are in July 2018, meaning that we will be watching this space to see whether this vendor will update this table.

The main issue is that Pips Make is having full control over what goes into this table.

This denies us the transparency that we need when scrutinizing results. I would have preferred a more transparent approach like a trading statement or a myfxbook performance.

Pips Make Review – the conclusion

I wouldn’t rate it with a one star because at least they are providing chart analysis for traders who want to understand what they are doing.

However, the essence of demonstrating a premium signal service is to convince traders that these signals and their 90% win rate can be verified.

So for that reason, I will rate Pips Make with a 2 star rating.

If you have experience with this website, please drop your comment below and I will review again.