Pip Count Group Review and Kayan Kalipha

Pip Count Group Review and Kayan Kalipha

In the next few paragraphs of this Pip count group review, I will be looking at this Forex signals and educator website in details. Pipcountgroup is a Forex signal service that is heavily dependent on fundamental analysis with a little bit of technical analysis to complement their trading methodology.

Pip Count Group sometimes refers to themselves as PipcountFX, a name that they seemingly inherited from the website Pipcountfx.com – now an inactive domain.

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This FX signals service is owned and operated by Kayan Kalipha. On his profile, Mr. Kalipha discloses that he is a London-based trader who ventured into the world of trading in 2013. He is allegedly combining the study of economics and finance to influence his fundamental analysis methodology of trading.

PipCountgroup review

He believes that by studying economic data, fiscal government spending, central bank policies, politics and even geographical events, he can significantly improve his chances of trading success. Outside these details, nothing is known about him.

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Mr. Kalipha is actively managing these Twitter and Instagram accounts where he provides market commentary based on fundamental analysis. It is interesting to note that he has more Instagram followers than he does on his Twitter page.

This Pipcountgroup Instagram page community appears to be so active that Google has even picked up the phrase Pipcountgroup Instagram for the number of searches it gets every monthSo I am very much interested in seeing what traders usually get when they sign up for the Pip Count Group signals and analysis service.

Just follow me in this Pip Count Group review because I will be shortly analyzing this service to see whether or not I can recommend it.

Welcome to the Pip count group Review

The website looks quite professional, and everything else is within reach assuming that we were looking for more information on how this vendor trades or sends out signals. So far, the design is fine and dandy.

Under their Forex services category, the vendor makes it quite clear that they are offering market analysis and a PDF trading manual which can be purchased for £69.99. What exactly do you get from this manual?

It is a collection of information covering the basics of Forex, currency pairs, how to trade, how market data affects price movements, technical chart analysis, strategies, risk management and such like information. I feel that this information can be quite overwhelming. But there we go. The entire package will be sent to you for £69.99.

The other service of Pip Count Group focuses on delivering signals while educating traders how fundamental and technical analysis has influenced their decision. Mr. Kalipha claims that he is always trading these signals and showing traders how to respond to various trading setups.

Additionally, Pip Count Group also sends out daily market commentary videos, which is a unique twist since we are not used to FX signal providers offering market analysis in addition to their signals. None of the signal vendors which I have reviewed here has provided video analysis for their signals.

PipcountGroup Review – Breakdown of signal service

Live trading signals together with entries, stop loss, money management and education on risk reward strategies are provided. Access to a members area is also granted where weekly webinars, daily videos and newsfeed will be streamed live. It only looks like their clients are getting a lot for less.

Pip Count Group Review – pricing

For £89.99/ per month, Pipcountgroup will offer you the entire package for 1 month. For £134.99, you get 2 months of subscription. And for £189.99, Pip Count Group will let you access the members area for 3 months.

Pip Count Group Review – trading performance

There seems to be value in what this signal vendor is offering. However, what I want to know is whether Khalifa is trading a live account with a trading statement to show for it.

If his live trades are being placed on a demo, it would be extremely difficult to gauge his true trading prowess given that demo and live trading are two different things. A trader can perform at their best in a demo and not in a live account due to psychological factors.

I am extremely disappointed that even though this service is focusing on fundamental and technical analysis, there is a zero trading success record.

I would either demand a myfxbook trading account or a trial to gauge the usefulness of this service. This is a major issue among Forex signal vendors that I have covered here before. Most of them just can’t prove their alleged trading prowess.

Pipcountfx Review

Pipcountfx is the other name of Pipcountgroup. As I have said, this name belongs to another domain which has since expired. I feel that using this name is creating unnecessary confusion as clients do not know whether Pipcountfx is the same thing as Pip Count Group.

Pipcountgroup Review – the conclusion

I certainly appreciate the trading approach and the entire presentation of how they trade and what they do. However, I cannot lie of the fact that I am not 100% satisfied. I wished they made it easier for their clients to establish whether what is being taught can be converted into real Forex profits.

I would have certainly recommended this service. But seeing that the vendor did a poor job at walking the talk, I’ll leave it up to you.

If you have any experience with this vendor, please comment below. Otherwise, thanks for reading this Pip count group review.

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