Review: Is Paragon Cryptohub a Scam?


Paragon Cryptohub is a Crypto currency trading signal service that offers 3 different subscription plans to their customers.

They trade Crypto currencies, perpetual contracts and altcoins. They also claim that signals are analyzed by their professional trade analysts and delivered in a form that new traders can understand.

Despite having a fancy sales page with outstanding promotional content, Paragon Cryptohub does not tell the Crypto currency trading community who they are or even where the business is being operated from. indicates that the domain was created in September 2018. These records suggest that the operators of Paragon Cryptohub are based in Arizona.

Doing proper introductions is a very critical thing in the Signal selling business.

Without telling people who you and what kind of market exposure you have, people will not trust you.

So for the sake of boosting their credibility, it would have been appropriate for the team at Paragon Cryptohub to introduce themselves.

Also, the sales page of Paragon Cryptohub does not appear to provide a means for contacting the traders right away.

It appears that interested customers may need to sign up first in order to reach the operators of this site.

This is a very bad sign to start with. It does not cost them a dime to set up a chat feature on their site or an email through which messages can be channeled to them.

So if you are wondering whether or not Paragon Cryptohub is the real deal, I implore you to read this unbiased review of the service.

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Paragon Cryptohub review

The landing page contains a video with a model presenter pitching the service to potential subscribers.

Paragon Crypto Hub review

This model appears to have been hired from popular freelance outsourcing sites like Fiverr.

But that aside, Paragon Cryptohub believes that they can produce really accurate signals.

They even claim that their signal performance was at 169% in December 2018 and 50% in November the same year.

The service also claims that they have partnered with elite Crypto currency traders in order to provide their customers with the best trading experience and profitability.

Paragon Cryptohub is allegedly working with expert research analysts and traders.

They provide some clue with regards to where these ”expert traders” come from. They claim that they were outsourced from reliable third party entities.

None of their traders have been introduced on the sales page of ParagonCryptohub.

The other claim that caught my attention is that Paragon Cryptohub was providing transparent statistics for their trades.

This is not true because throughout their website, customers can find claims but not statements that can be verified by a third party statement sharing service like

Paragon Cryptohub claims that there is value to using their service because they are professional traders and that they have spent a significant amount of resources and time in honing their skills.

Their experts allegedly spend 10-12 hours a day analyzing, formulating and figuring out which patterns are forming in the market that can prove to be extremely profitable.

Other advantages which they claim to offer include:

Free training course for their subscribers, thousands of signals delivered to traders every month, professional customer service, one on one live sessions with subscribers and Crypto trade contests.

Paragon Cryptohub review – pricing and other features

There are 3 subscription plans in total. The first two plans cost $97 per month while the third plan costs $147 per month.

Paragon Crypto Hub pricing

Traders from the US and Canada cannot subscribe to one of the plans costing $97 per month.

Each of the plans have different features with regards to the number of trading signals which customers can receive as well as the profit target.

Atcoin Trading offers between 500-800 signals per month with a profit target of 20-30%.

These signals come from 8 signal providers.

The second plan which is known as Bitmex/Margin Trading promises between 100-200 signals per month with a monthly profit target of 20-50%.

There are 4 signal providers only.

Atcoin and Bitmex combined is the most expensive plan which provides over 1000 signals per month with a profit target of 40-80%.

There are 12 signal providers in total.

When I look at these plans, I can’t help but wonder why there are so many signals being provided in a space of 1 month.

Generally, the higher the number of signals, the more that the quality of those signals will suffer.

Unless Paragon Cryptohub convinces me through third party verified trading results, I cannot believe that their signals are as profitable as they claim.

The pricing is for a limited time as claimed by Paragon Cryptohub. This is most likely a marketing trick because ever since they launched the website in 2018, they have never changed their prices.

Trading performance

Paragon Cryptohub does not provide any proof of trading success which is not a surprise because many signal vendors don’t provide any.

While Paragon Cryptohub capitalizes on excellent marketing skills to sell their service, they fail to convince me that their signals are profitable.

They claim that a refund will be issued if one fails to make 3 times the cost of subscription.

I don’t like to trust that a vendor will issue me with a refund. It is tedious and a waste of my time. You must not sign up if you’re not ready for this hustle.


Paragon Cryptohub does not look like a Crypto signal service I can trust. I cannot think of any reasons why I can trust these folks.

Lack of transparency is the number one reason followed by inability to provide clear means of communicating with their clients.

Thirdly, I’d like to see proof of trading success which unfortunately Paragon Cryptohub does not have.

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