Review – PAMM MAM Forex Fund Management Scam! Review – PAMM MAM Forex Fund Management Scam!

In this review (PAMM MAM), I will be analyzing a very controversial PAMM and MAM manager found at

This PAMM manager has created a series of web domains through which they tout their PAMM account manager services to investors.

Apart from, this fund manager also owns, and many other related domains that I don’t know of.

On the official website of Pamm-Mam, clients are instructed to click a button to view myfxbook results and if they are not satisfied, they must immediately click their way out of the website. An arrogance element!

However, if they are satisfied with what they are seeing, they are encouraged to continue reading and discovering more of what PAMM-MAM does and how the fund manager can help multiply their hard-earned money.

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That aside, PAMM-MAM claims that their trading solution consists of 3 integrated sub-systems. This system utilizes 3 indicators to determine if a trend is forming or is nearing an end.

We are told that the second system will execute ”long term” trades to ride the trend or consolidation with the aim of making 10 to 35 pips.

To maximize profits from this setup, this PAMM account manager explains that they will compound short term trades with the aim of making 2-5 pips from each trade within the same trend.

Further down the page, offers further explanation on how this works.PAMM MAM review Forex Fund Management

The account manager enters at the start of the trend and exits when a reverse is about to happen. And if they are right, pamm-mam makes a lot of pips and if they are wrong, they cut the trade earlier on to avoid a bigger draw down.

To make more profits in a good trade, PAMM-MAM reveals that their strategy involves increasing order sizes or the number of trades in the same direction that the market is moving.

PAMM-MAM locks profits using trailing stops, take profit and invisible stop losses to avoid broker stop hunting.

To make their clients more comfortable on the sales page, PAMM-MAM claims that their maximum draw down can never exceed 25%, and that it is usually within the range of 10-15%.

The account manager at PAMM-MAM reveals that they have been trading manually until recently when they hired the services of an expensive programmer to code for them a system they labeled PAMM-MAM System.

For more reassurance, PAMM-MAM asserts that they will generates 5-20% daily returns and 100-500% monthly returns depending with currency pair and volatility of the market.

The PAMM manager behind this managed Forex account service appears to be someone by the name Daniel Wright.

Mr. Wright is in charge of the website’s Twitter account where he is always posting promotional content to reach more potential investors.

Mr. Wright is nothing short of a charming sales man with a knack for marketing which he uses to draw massive attention towards the PAMM-MAM website through a series of promotional Tweets.

I call them trading gurus, and they are fake. They must act like this to win trust. I have reviewed some of them here before.

Daniel Wright pamm mam review

The guy appears to be based out of Singapore. Nothing much is known about him, not even his trading performance.

Of course most of the claims made by him on the PAMM MAM website and on the website’s social media accounts cannot be authenticated.

We have a myfxbook link which leads to a contest page. There are no results on gains, draw downs, equity and so on. Furthermore, the contest is outdated as it expired in 2017.

PAMM MAM myfxbook

So we are actually being shown outdated trading results instead of live myfxbook performance.

PAMM MAM also manages this Facebook account. But it is not very clear whether Mr. Wright is the admin of that page as well.

Having said that, let’s move on into the analysis part of this PAMM-MAM review.

So, welcome to the PAMM MAM review. Review

First of all, I want to expound on the meaning of a PAMM-MAM managed account .. just in case you are a starter.

A PAMM-MAM managed account is a service that trades your Forex account on your behalf even if you have zero knowledge on how Forex trading works. A good Managed Forex account service can be found on this page. 

So this means that you can make money if the trader is skilled enough at their job.

The problem with this marketplace is that it is infiltrated by many scammers that it is hard to find a good account manager who will return gains, minimize losses or not steal your money outright.

In this review, I’m looking at a PAMM-MAM managed account service that makes aggressive earning claims while giving unconvincing ”proof” of performance or earnings.

5-20% daily returns are unheard of in the Forex marketplace. Likewise, I cannot even dream of 100%-500% monthly returns because these are far-fetched and even weird.

I do not know where the admin of PAMM-MAM website is getting these number from, but I would have certainly been so curious to look at any proof suggesting that Mr. Wright is doubling investments in one month only.

PAMM-MAM Review – trading methodology reveals that they are trading in short and long term duration respectively.

The 3 trading systems described in the beginning of this PAMMMAM review uses 3 time frames … 5 minute, 4 hour and the 1 week time frames respectively.

They trade 1 to 2 currency pairs at a time. However, PAMM MAM can confirm on their website that the system does not utilize Martingale, Arbitrage or short term scalping styles of trading.

I do not see how this PAMM MAM trading system is not using the 3 styles when the description given earlier on the sales page suggests that PAMMMAM is in fact using the 3 dangerous styles of trading to manage their clients’ accounts.

Martingale trading is the act of doubling trade volumes or increasing the number of trades in one direction to take profits quickly before markets can turn.

This is how I condensed the statement and in the bottom line, it meant that PAMM_MAM is actually engaging in Martingale trading. This is a good example of a Forex robot that utilizes elements of Martingale trading.

Also, there is no way this account manager can say that they are not scalping when in fact their trading style relies on the 5 minute time frame. I feel deceived by their explanation.


I do not know how PAMM MAM is attracting positive reviews and client testimonials on their site when in other places around the web, reviews are extremely unsatisfying.

In the website’s Facebook page, people are calling this service a big Scam. On trading forums like the FPA, I see not one, two or three extremely negative reviews rating PAMM MAM with a star.

They all speak the same language and even agree that PAMM MAM is a scam.

If these reviews don’t agree with what I can find on the testimonials section of the official PAMMMAM website, I have no choice but to believe that PAMM MAM is fabricating reviews. Review – the conclusion

I would have appreciated much more transparency with regards to how myfxbook performance is presented. I do not want a contest page.

I certainly like the fact that PAMM MAM went for myfxbook to try displaying trading results.

However, that myfxbook page is really really disappointing as PAMM-MAM is displaying a trading contest account instead of a real trading account to prove the alleged 5-20% daily performance.

This is something I cannot recommend in my wildest dreams.

Otherwise, thanks for reading this PAMMMAM review. Feel free to tell us about your experience with this service below.

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